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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Different Colored Soils

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  • joe white
    There may be caves in the pits. Someone should check it out. I seriously doubt that there is enough pits to account for the size of the mound . Shalom, Gah
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2011
      There may be caves in the pits. 
      Someone should check it out.
      I seriously doubt that there is enough pits to account for the
      size of the "mound".
      Shalom,   Gah gey you e,
      Sitting Owl
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      Here in Ohio, just north of my home town, Chillicothe, is "Mound City,"  one of the largest  prehistoric mound groups of North America.  Here the mound builders used "borrow pits" to fill woven baskets with dirt.  These were carried over to the nearby mound site and deposited.   As a result, the mounds were built basket full by basket full beside the pits.
      Archaeologists excavating these mounds found "lens-shaped deposits" of earth that they say are proof that the mounds there were built basket-full by basket-full.  The borrow pits were left unfilled and kids today still love to run up and down the pits as well as the mounds.
      William Conner
      Columbus, Ohio

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      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Different Colored Soils


      O'siyo Brothers & Sisters,
      In studying the topography of many of the "Indian Mounds" it is obvious that
      there is no location nearby where they removed the soil to create a pond,
      or ditch to build the "Mounds".   Where did the dirt come from?
      The "Ancients" were digging tunnels under the ground.  Look for the geologic
      maps of the area, and you will find deposits of different colored soils, that
      they mined to build the different colored "mounds".
      Ariel ground penetrating radar should show the entrance to the mine.
      They most likely dug straight down to the color they wanted then tunneled
      sideways to get the color they wanted.  They may have tunneled into
      different colors, and brought them up.
      All of the earth excavated would have been used in the "Mound".
      The entrance to the mine will be very close to the "Mound".
      NOT miles away.
      The treasures of the past will be in these man made caves where they
      buried their royalty, and treasures. 
      This will become the new Archaeology of discovering the truth of the past.
      Shalom,   Gah gey you e,
      Sitting Owl

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