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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Laurentian Menhir - #931

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  • Larry Hancock
    Same rock? No, just same area. These stand at a junction in the river of two branches of the White River defining a triangular area of land, each leg of the
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30, 2011
      Same rock? No, just same area. These stand at a junction in the river of two branches of the White River defining a triangular area of land, each leg of the triangle 5 mi. long. At the apex is a megalithic chamber and the third angle sits in the middle of a hug cairn field with over 200 cairns. The large earthen mound delineates a complete solar calendar.

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      i assume these are all pictures of the same rock?  perched stone is problematic.  what do you think?

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      This is just a little of what is near the river. Do these qualify as comparisons to your stones.

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      Commented on this jpeg to the crew at Buckingham Palace.  I am serious, so is anything more needing to be said? 
           I would associate this marker as for a channel through the Laurentian Divide, connecting the waters of Hudson Bay with the central drainage (Mississippi flowage and Great Lakes) of prehistoric America. 
           With the authentication of the Kennsington Rune Stone as pre-Columbian, an interest in prehistoric contact has grown in this country as of late, focused mostly in the last two thousand years of history.  I have chosen to focus on the two millenium before this; the Old Copper Culture, North Altantic Maritime culture, the Beaker People, Red Ocher People, etc.  In other words, the Archaic.  I want to diminish the epistemological confusion, looking in the field for artifacts, and enjoying my retirement returning to the interests of my youth.  
           It sure would be nice if you could return suitable jpegs (photos) of your standing stones with the angled tops.  the draw to our part of the continent, beside for great skiing and ice fishing, is the 99%+ pure copper found in northern Michigan and upon Isle Royal in Lake Superior.
           I hope you folks feel I am worthy of a play date or something.  there are more arrows in my quiver, and I graduated with a BS in Anthro/Archeo from the University of Wisconsin.  
           Minnesota archaeologists say this is a glacial anomally, being 1. too large for primitive man to have moved, and 2. is located at the top of the hill (overlooking large lakes to the north and a stream that still flows south through the ridge) so impossible for man to have placed there.  The menhir is made of the same highgrade hematite (iron ore a magnet will stick to) as the hills around it.  This spring I hope to go there (quite secluded) and tell my kids to go find where it was quarried - can't be too far as it IS a big sucker and IS way up atop Minnesota's mountain range.  I sure am interested in what you say, to me it looks akin to the grand stones of your islands.       char bruns        
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