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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: "The Day the State of Tennessee, Chained & Padlocked G_d" (c)

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    Can you say: ... Man FROM U.N.C.L.E? Thats what they are now... United Network Command for Law and Enforcement ________________________________ From: james m
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      Can you say:

      ... Man FROM U.N.C.L.E?

      Thats what they are now...

      United Network Command for Law and Enforcement

      From: james m clark jr <jameyboy@...>
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      Sent: Mon, May 23, 2011 2:35:17 AM
      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: "The Day the State of Tennessee, Chained & Padlocked G_d" (c)



      Sitting Owl it may be a good thing that the CBC and others are now aknowledged & recognized in the State of Tennessee by House Bill 3299 and Senate Bill 3123 but there is another that we should also be aware of and that is EO 12425. If I understand this excutive order correctly all others are now mere chicken scratch.

      A vault door is only good for one thing and it's not for people.

      be well,

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "joe white" <joe_white@...> wrote:
      > O'siyo Brothers & Sisters,
      > Please forward this to everyone that you know, especially any media,
      > newspapers, TV, magazines, etc. that are interested in Human Rights!!!!
      > If anyone publishes, or covers this Press Release, Please email & US Mail
      > documentation. We have a special file set up.
      > Shalom, Gah gey you e, Sitting Owl
      > Press<mailto:bsmietana@Press> Release: Dateline 5-22-2011, 7:33 a.m. Lawrenceburg, TN
      > "The Day the State of Tennessee, Chained & Padlocked G_d" ©
      > On the second day of Passover 4-20-2011 The Cherokee Sacred Synagogue
      > (Temple, Sacred Circle, Church) was locked, and keys taken, on the
      > Public Square, in beautiful downtown Lawrenceburg, TN 38464-3331,
      > 931 762 3733, joe_white@...<mailto:joe_white@...>, by a Order of a Circuit Court Judge,
      > and a "Special Master" under the pretense of a 2-Day Court Order inventory.
      > The 2 Day inventory was completed, and admitted that "nothing was missing".
      > The Court Ordered that an Special Access to the Synagogue be Sealed.
      > Seven Seals were placed on the Special Access, as ordered by the Court.
      > On the 5th, or 6th Day of Passover, the State of Tennessee Court Ordered
      > "Special Master", chained & padlocked our Sacred Vault that holds safe the
      > Cherokee Jewish Sacred Artifacts. Photo by HoJo, Joe Harlan White ©
      > attached.
      > The Alef Tav is clearly displayed on the G_d Vault. For laymen, the Hebrew
      > letters are read from left to right. For Christian brothers, and sisters the Greek
      > letters of Alpha Omega is known as the "Beginning & End" is the equivalent.
      > This event will be known to history as "The Day the State of Tennessee,
      > Chained & Padlocked G_d".
      > The local Tribe, The Central Band of Cherokee" has been under attack for 11
      > years with no assistance from city, county, state, or federal law enforcement.
      > The Tribe displays a 3 inch thick file folder of official reports to the Federal
      > Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of obvious violations of law that include,
      > Domestic Terrorism, Racketeering, anti-Semitism, discrimination, KKK involvement,
      > banking fraud, postal fraud, contempt of court, wreck endangerment, deprived
      > indifference, false police reports, sexual battery, sexual assault, possible blackmail,
      > conspiring to defraud, interned fraud, & theft, copyright & trademark fraud, retail
      > fraud, witchcraft, and satanic voodoo, Hate Crimes, all practiced against the Tribe,
      > and its members, with no action taken by the legal law enforcement. The physical
      > violence & hostilities go unabated.
      > The Tribe is very thankful for the recent "Righteous" decisions of The Honorable
      > General Sessions Judge Patricia McGuire, and The Honorable Federal Court Judge
      > Trauger, & Magistrate Judge Knowles of the Middle Tennessee District, United States
      > District Court, but the other court ignores their decisions.
      > The Tribe would also like to thank all of the Members of The Abraham/Moses Project,
      > especially Rabbi Lazer Wolf Brother Brody, the Tribe's Ambassador to Israel, for his
      > true Love, and Kindness, and Wayne Big Abraham May, a voice in the wilderness for
      > 18 years, and his Ancient American Magazine.
      > The Tribe's Israel Flag was "captured" by the State Court on April 20th, 2011. In a
      > covert operation, at 3:33 p.m. this State of Israel Flag was recaptured, with the
      > assistance of Brother Johnny "Gah gey you e" Lawrence, & James Winchester on
      > Friday May 13, 2011, and is flying on a daily basis.
      > Also, on Friday the 13th, May 2011, a Cherokee Christian Holy Man, of "The House of Israel",
      > pulled the "7 Seals" that blocked an entrance to the Cherokee Jewish Synagogue (Temple,
      > Church, Sacred Circle", because it was a violation of The Constitution of The United States
      > of America, and his Christian duty to do so, exactly at 12:3.3 p.m., High Noon plus 3 minutes,
      > and 18 seconds. A Historic Copy of this event, 7 Seals, Cherokee Sacred White Tobacco,
      > signed, dated, and witnessed for framing is available.
      > The Central Band of Cherokee members consist of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Mormons (Church
      > of Latter Day Saints), Messianic Jews, Protestants, Baptist, Pentecostals, Methodist, Evanjelitical
      > Christians, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, etc. All of these working together to Celebrate
      > The Truth that The Cherokee are of "The House of Israel" in ancient times, and has proven
      > this with Scientific DNA Results, The Largest Cherokee DNA Data Base in the World in agreement
      > with DNA Consultants, Donald Panther-Yates, Ph.D. to teach, and protect "The Ancient Beliefs,
      > and Practices of The Cherokee, for The Glory of The Heavenly Father, and The Three Great White
      > Seats Up Above"!!!!
      > The United States of American has the Genocide of over 6 Million Cherokee on their hands, and over
      > 7 million of "all American Indians that are of "The House of Israel", goes unabated, and unacknowledged.
      > The Cherokee Synagogue as of this date has been illegally CLOSED for 33 days, and we are still
      > locked out of our Place of Worship, Offerings, and Sacred Artifacts.
      > The Tribe, and People are still the subject of, and victims of "The Required, Mandatory Religion of the
      > Constitution of The United States of America, that of "White Mans, Pen, Ink, & Paper Lying Witchcraft"!!!!
      > © Joe Harlan White
      > Central Band of Cherokee DO NOT USE PHOTOS without written permission!!!!
      > 1806 Congressional Reservation © Laws
      > 102 North Military Avenue
      > Lawrenceburg, TN 38464-3331
      > 931 762 3733
      > joe_white@...<mailto:joe_white@...>
      > 8" X 10" Prints $10.00 ea. plus $3.00 S&H Copy of "7 Seals" same pricing.
      > Signed, dated, and numbered $20.00 ea.
      > Laminated Copies add $3.00
      > Larger sizes available, all ©
      > Cash, Check, or Money Order ONLY!!!!
      > ALL Proceeds go to a Special Legal Fund
      > basis.

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