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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Welcome, Larry (Hancock's Hopewell Northfork & Hopeton Earthworks photos)

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  • Martin Carriere
    Hey Larry, Good to see ya walking the trenches. Be well and prosper your dreams, Martin Carriere ... From: Susan Subject:
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      Hey Larry,
      Good to see ya walking the trenches.
      Be well and prosper your dreams,

      Martin Carriere

      --- On Sat, 4/16/11, Susan <beldingenglish@...> wrote:

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      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Welcome, Larry (Hancock's Hopewell Northfork & Hopeton Earthworks photos)
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      Welcome new member, Larry Hancock of Maryland.  Larry is already known to several of us here through Facebook ( i.,e., Terry Deveau, Martis Carriere, and I see Larry awhile back bookmarked Vince Barrows' "Historiography of Cahokia" ), and comments below this post by Ross Hamilton, William Connor, and others re: one of his FB submissions on ancient Ohio. Larry's Facebook page is: http://www.facebook.com/messages/1057317798#!/profile.php?id=100001103740229
      I don't think I have 'borrowed' as many intriguing web sites related to this group as I have Larry's submissions.  Yesterday I decided to invite him to join this group after receiving in e-mail downloads his first two 40-page segments of an extensive 'photographic essay' still in process that I hope many will appreciate his sharing.  This could be an impressive book:
       (A photographic essay)
      C. J. "Larry" Hancock 2010

      It is my hope that if and after he feels comfortable here and his work is completed, he will download the work into our Photos  or, better yet, Files section.  The fadce page of the latter includes dates of submission, member names, etc. More user-friendly and accessible than Yahoo Group Links  mentioned yesterday. Thank you, Jamey, for your Post and three very interesting Links.

      I hope I am not taking liberties here, but will insert an intro to Larry's essay which I know will be of interest to at least several in this group which I will include following part othe , and I include a few here:
      New Yorker, Zena Halpern ("Maritime GoddessTanit in the New World":  http://www.atlanticconference.org/2009/presentZena.html ); 
      Simon Brighton of Cornwall, England: "Echoes of the Goddess...." : http://www.devoncornwallonline.com/2010/07/local-author-investigates-goddess/ )
      David Goudsward: "Ancient Stones Sites of New England" web site : http://www.librarything.com/author/goudswarddavid
      Chris Patenaude, co-director of the Equinox Project.  An interesting photo essay: http://www.naturalfrequency.net/Ogham.htm 
      Non-member observer who emails me regularly, Dr. John White, Midwestern Epigraphic Society. This biblio. has many articles on Earth Mother symbols, goddess, Tanith, etc. http://midwesternepigraphic.org/emslBiblio.pdf
      Larry Gallant of Pennsylvania, co-editor of Ancient American Magazine, and long time friend, publisher Wayne May, will appreciate your comprehensive work and excellent photographs.
      Aside from private emails received, the names, locations, interests, etc. of approximately 60-75% of Ancient Waterways members are unknown to the hosts & co-hosts, and we respect folks' anonymity.  But I do not believe any members rein from Vermont. Nor do I recall submissions on "ancient Vermont" in the five or six years we have been a group.  So, hopefully you don't mind, Larry, but I am inserting part of the first paragraph of Pt. 1 your photographic essay.  If after completion of your work you would be willing to submit it to our Files section (& please include a note announcing it within a Post to the group), we would very much like that here.  If you would rather folks write you directly, I certainly respect that also.

       from Part I, Larry's Divine Vermont: The Sacred Landscape

      In central Vermont are found numerous images of goddesses (many of them depicted with wings), various inscriptions paying homage to an ancient goddess, and symbols associated with her such as the eye and the hand. She is identified in Ogam script as T-N-D (Tanith, a Mediterranean goddess) and B-EA-N, still the Celtic word for "woman." Together with her consort B-L (Bel) and divine son M-B-M-B-N (Mabo-Mabona, "youth") they form a trinity. Bel is the sun, and his name occurs at many places where the sun was observed for calendar determinations from specially built stone chambers. Oftentimes the goddess is depicted in the chamber or images are found nearby either inscribed on stones or as natural stones resembling the female form. These female stones are often accompanied by male phallic stones.

      These stone-built chambers mounded over with soil occur through the length of Vermont, but the greatest concentration, about forty of them, is found in central Vermont......

      I try to make introductions and interconnections here as much as possible believing our societies and the rest of creation is in the process of dramatic changes.  I believe there are already signs of substantial scientific, cultural and global sociological change.  I regard members and this group as a whole---as well as  other associations of which I am acquainted-- as being part of that change, possible great Renaissance.

      As said before,  I am not 'plugging' members/friends and their publications, films here for members' financial benefit but for the intention of making global interconnections among those with whom I associate w/potentially powerful, enduring synergies that will radiate outward toward a better world. Built from lost legacies and wisdomkeepers of the very ancient past.  Maybe  many of us will re-write our own teachings and scripts as to who we human beings really are, within this world that many wise ancients regarded and lived as heaven, the creation....

      Thank you  Larry, and all members here for joining and continuing our membership and efforts.  
      Susan, a co-host and one of the encourages and greeters at Ancient Waterways Society 

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Ross Hamilton <d.ross.hamilton@...> wrote:
      > All,
      > This is the Hopewell site according to the January 2011 data sets released
      > by the Ohio Dep. of Transportation. LiDAR is difficult to read at first
      > because the way it eliminates surface sructures--even grass--to get at the
      > basic lay of the land. The study was conducted by Jeffrey Wilson. For those
      > of you who live in Ohio, Jeff will be showing the entire new collection at
      > 1:00 PM this Sunday at the Mound City National Monument near Chillicothe,
      > Ohio. Thanks Larry Hancock!
      > Ross

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