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Upcoming related events-please add more, especially for your region

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  • Susan
    First of all.....Jamey, Ted, Martin, and others, thanks to each of you for the warm birthday greetings. I have been on the road and sorry to have been so
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2011
      First of all.....Jamey, Ted, Martin, and others,  thanks to each of you for the warm birthday greetings.  I have been on the road and sorry to have been so long extending my appreciation.
      Though I would update the Ancient Waterways group with a few upcoming conferences and meetings that have come into my mailbox.  Please add to this list other related events from across the globe that will take place within the next few months.
      One for sure I will be attending is the AAPS fall conference in Marquette, Michigan, and setting up a sellers table which could also serve as a home base for AWS members attending their first AAPS conference.  I, too, have bed/couch space for anyone passing through Central Wisconsin en route to Upper Michigan (5-6 houirs away) but will be leaving a day or two early to visit the Keweenaw Peninsula's "Copper Country" before driving two hours eastward to Marquette for the conference.  Anyo  ne wishing to accompany me and share expenses, let me know.   ~~  Susan
      2011 Conferences, symposiums, meetings:
      World Explorers Club -Ancient Science & Modern Secrets Conference , Adventures Unlimited Bookstore, Kempton, Illinois  June 11th & 12th, 2011 • A two-day gala event ($60)
       World Explorers Club Conference - Adventures Unlimited Bookstore, Cottonwood, Arizona (no charge for one day event)  April 16th 2011  http://wexclub.com/?q=Author_Booksigning_Presentations
      New England Antiquities Research Association


      April 29th – May 1, 2011
      South Portland, Maine
      Included among speakers for the conference are member Terry Deveau (Nova Scotia) and Chuck Bailey from Duluth... I am assuming this is the Chuck Bailey, Sr from Duluth who spoke at our 3 day Ancient Waterways Society gathering near Copper Harbor, Michigan a few years ago.  Otherwise, it is his son with the same name who does similar research, esp. the Jeffers site Petroglypghs in Minnesota; both are avid photographers. 
      Ancient Artifact Preservation Society/AAPS 7th Annual International Conference on Ancient America   Co-sponsored by Ancient American Magazine
      Sept. 16-18, 2011
      Holiday Inn, Marquette Michigan 
      Speakers include AWS members Charles Bruns, Larry Gallant, Lee Pennington...also Michael Cremo Forbidden Archaelogy  and others who follow posts regularly (see list and topics below).  If you have items or are an author and have books to sell at the conference, contact Judy Johnson to reserve a table (while still available). 

      Tentatively, Speakers  for Conference  2011  TO DATE &  Subject to Change:

       *Larry Gallant, Historian/Explorer/Assoc. Editor Ancient American Magazine. Author-The Encyclopedia of Alternative Ancient History, and Prehistoric Pennsylvania. Topic-Giants of the Upper Ohio Valley

       *Wayne May, Publisher Ancient American Magazine:

       *Jay Wakefield, Researcher, Author (with Reinoud DeJonge) of How the SunGod Reached America c. 2500 BC. and Rocks and Rows: Sailing Routes Across the Atlantic & Michigan Copper. This year's topic: "The Megalithic Necropolis of Sillustani, Peru" ...

       *Lee Pennington, Film-maker of ancient sites-Researcher: www.joleproductions.com

       *Dr. John White, researcher, symbology expert-Elephant Images in Ancient America

       *Michael Cremo- "The Forbidden Archaeologist"/Researcher/ Author/History Channel Personality. http://www.mcremo.com/

       * Dr. Joseph Lorenz, Dept of Anthropology, Central Washington University, and Corell Institute for Medical Research, whose specialty is DNA and Native Americans.

       * Charles Bruns: Recent Standing Stone Discoveries in Minnesota

      Dr. Don Spohn: "Mr. Downstate Copper." Expert on Great Lakes area copper artifacts. www.donspohn.com/

       * Scott Wolter: Researcher/Author The Hooked X, and The Kensington Runestone: Compelling New Evidence- May be speaking about recent dig and surface dating analysis work in Central America. http://hookedx.com/

       * Ojibwa cousins, Bruce Hardwick and Duane Kinnart attended conference 2010, & had many connections to what they saw and heard. They have related things from their cultural history to share with us.

      * Charles DuCharme: Ancient Huron Mountain Club sites, dolmans and standing stones.

      * Gavin Menzies!  Author of 2 best selling books on ancient Chinese ships to America. New book: Lost Treasures of Atlantis. He's interested in Michigan copper connections worldwide-to-Michigan. He has told us that either he or his publisher would be here, as they'd "Like a presence" at our conf.

       * David Hoffman: New data on water levels during ancient  intercontinental travels.

      Maybe (Invited)- Christopher Dunn & David Hatcher Childress


      Midwestern Epigraphic Society Symposium
      September 30-October 2, 2011
      Columbus Airport Marriott, Columbus, Ohio

      Among tentatiave speakers are members Larry Gallant and Lee Pennington; also, friends Wayne May, Dr. John White, and Scott Wolter.
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