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Welcome Crystal & Wayne Trickle

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  • Susan
    Welcome Crystal Trickle. I have not had the opportunity to meet you but have for years heard from friends from AAPS (I am one of the original founders), MES,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2011
      Welcome Crystal Trickle.  I have not had the opportunity to meet you but have
      for years heard from friends from AAPS (I am one of the original founders), MES,
      NEARA, and members of this group about the remarkable work you started doin
      in your home state (Tennessee) while still in your teens.  Now living in Kansas,
      your research and conferences, which you oftentimes share with husband Wayne
      take you great distances.  I include him in this welcome from the group and if Wayne
      wishes to receive Individual or Daily Digest Posts personally, he may join using
      his email address.
      If OK, I will add one or two the following links (or others that you might wish to
      email to me or Post to the group) that I happened upon during a quick Search
      when I saw your screen name listed.
      I recall a one or two hour interview a few years ago on the Oopa Loopa Cafe
      radio program with member Rick Osmon that is still a favorite of many listeners.
      Rick, at your convenience, I need you to Post the link and specific information
      as to how members here can access Crystal's archived interview....and those
      of probably at least a dozen or two AWS members (i,e., Martin Carriere,
      Lee Pennington, Judi Rudebusch, Vince Barrows, David Brody, Frode from Norway?,
      I see a list here but it would be helpful to many to have specific instructions on
      how to get to the shows and required free downloaded software:


      And, from the 2009 NEARA Spring Meeting,  http://www.neara.org/Spring2009.pdf:



      Crystal Trickle: Kansas Rock Inscriptions

      Long enduring stone provided a perfect backdrop for records of the ancient past. Left undisturbed for centuries

      or millennia, Kansas cliffs and rock shelters held an unimaginable contribution to understanding history. Kansas inscriptions contain a part of the vast "library" that the ancients left scattered across the Americas. Utilizing the sun and simple stone gave competent engineers, astronomers, and literate scribes a means for their intricate messages to be shared for the ages to come. Kansas is not well known for its inscriptions or archaeoastronomy possibly because there have been few specialized reports or books written on the subject. North Central Kansas has several sites of interest; they are exquisite examples of archaeastronomy, and the ingenuity that ancient man used to tell a story.


      Crystal Trickle is an East Tennessee native that learned of the Bat Creek stone when she was sixteen years old. At this young age the fascination with ancient people and their migrations drew her interest into epigraphy and linguistics. She began scouring the countryside in search of other related Tennessee inscriptions; a few were located which fueled her enthusiasm. Following a move to Kansas she began researching Kansas epigraphy and archaeastronomy, along with her husband Wayne. They were privileged to make acquaintance with local enthusiasts, and a field team was developed to locate and document epigraphic and archaeastronomical sites. She is a member of the Epigraphic Society, NEARA, Midwestern Epigraphic Society, and AAPS. She is president of the Epigraphic Research association, a local Kansas organization. She has studied German and is currently studying Hebrew. She has an avid interest in Biblical Antiquities, American antiquities, archaeology, and astronomy.

      Article by Crystal from Ancient American issue,Michigan's Ancient Past
      Volume 13, Issue #82  "Kansas
      Inscriptions and Archaeoastronomy"
      Again, welcome to the Trickles and the other newcomers; my apologies for the delay
      in responding.  My family had a sudden medical emergency that took me to Madison, WI
      for over a week during the hospitalization of my daughter, so am behind in many things.
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