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A Conference on Ancient America Oct 7, 8, 9, 2005 Upper Michigan

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  • Susan
    Just back from weeks away without computer access. I am still working overtime but will soon complete a one year, 1700 hour Ameicorps (American Peace Corps)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2005
      Just back from weeks away without computer access. I am still
      working overtime but will soon complete a one year, 1700 hour
      Ameicorps (American Peace Corps) assignment.

      Pam, thank you for your recent posting to the Ancient Waterways
      Society group about your trip to significant Ohio sites and visit
      with William and his wife. It shows how warmly accessible
      researchers and correspondants to groups and web sites such as
      PreColumbian Inscriptions are to each other.

      Please check out the PreColumbian Inscriptions site for specific
      information about William's finding and previous references to
      information Pam mentioned. PreColumbian Inscriptions site often
      receives dozens of letters a day and is a very active, current group
      with cutting-edge information of a historical, ancient, and
      sometimes metaphysical base:


      Click on "Messages" upper left corner of page and you may read the
      postings which come in frequently. If you wish to respond,
      introduce yourselves, or post a message, you will need to join the
      free web group.
      I wish to post an upcoming conference mentioned last year in one of
      my initial posts to Ancient Waterways Society. There is a correction
      to the date mentioned earlier. I am not involved in this conference
      as I was a the 1998 PreColumbian Symposium at Big Bay. Here is
      information take from the fullpage ad in Ancient American. Please
      contact Judy Johnson for further information.

      From the current issue (#63) of Ancient American Magazine:

      October 7th, 8th, & 9th, 2005
      Bay Cliff Health Camp & Conference Center
      Big Bay, Michigan (north of Marquette)

      Are you interested in:
      * Ancient Artifacts
      * Tablets & Stones
      * Ancient Waterways
      * Epigraphical Studies
      *Ancient Copper information
      * Ancient Earthworks
      * Ancient Vikings/Norse
      *any & all evidence of Pre-Columbian paresence in the Americas
      (and related subjects)?
      Then YOU need to be there!


      If you have a program, slides, artifacts to show, a good story,
      recent discoveries, a new book, etc. that you would like to share
      (15 minutes-1 hour), we'd LOVE to give vyou a spot on the agenda.

      Please contact:

      Judy M. Johnson, Conference Chair
      @ judyspapergoods@...
      PO box 216
      Skandia, MI 49885
      Phone: 906-942-7865
      Proceeds will go toward fund for the future Ancient Copper Culture
      Museum near Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

      I shall without computer access this week and next camping in the
      wilds north of Houghton, Michigan.

      M. Susan English
      Ancient Waterways Society
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