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Copper Country petroglyphs & 24 documents by Dr. Renoud deJong

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  • Susan
    The following photo of a petroglyph our group received a couple of years ago with one other from Ancient Waterways Society and AAPS Board member Bob Wheeler.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2011
      The following photo of a petroglyph our group received a couple of years ago with one other from Ancient Waterways Society and AAPS Board member Bob Wheeler.  I am including this photo link, comment, and article by Dutch chemist, Dr. Renoud M. deJong, Institute of Megalithic Research and AAPS.
      Bob had extended an open invitation awhile back to contact him if any members here plan to be visiting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan's Keewinaw Peninsula copper country and would like to see very ancient sites that are being carefully investigated and documented. (Bob---please keep our group updated on this important site and dedicated research you are doing....any additional photographs, open meetings of your petroglyph preservation society, etc.  Folks here who plan to attend the September, 2011 Ancient Artifact Preservation Society Conference in Marquette, Michigan (about two hours east of Houghton), may want to plan an extra couple of days to tour Houghton,  and northward into the Keweenaw Peninsula, to arrange to be shown some of these ancient glyphs and sites.  http://www.slideshare.net/rmdejonge/wheelers-glyph-1 **
      Having just gotten 'my eyes back' following recent urgeries, I've not read most of the articles, but this is some more winter reading for you, especially those intending on borrowing the two books by Renoud deJong and Jay Wakefield that Jay donated to us.
      10/26/09 article by Dr. R. M. deJong
      Petroglyph of a Sailing Ship (Copper Harbor, Upper Michigan c.1640 BC) **
      11/09/09 article by Dr. R. M. deJong
      Houghton's Petroglyph (Copper Country, Michigan, 2500 BC-1200 BC)

      24 documents/articles by deJong, including Monks Mound, the Serpent Mound, Poverty Point, Discovery of Australia, New Zealand...   http://www.slideshare.net/rmdejonge/documents  Note from author: http://www.slideshare.net/rmdejonge 

      ** Wheeler/Houghton petroglyphs & Sailing Ship petroglyph (Copper Harbor) were visited by many members here during the four day Ancient Waterways Society gathering at a Lake Superior shoreline resort near Copper Harbor a few years ago.  Char Bruns, Lee Pennington, and others have a number of photographs of these sites.
      One of these years if there is strong interest, we will do another one up there and have options for on-site camping to keep it very low cost with simple, communal home cooking as we experienced, compliments of Pat Osmon, Sheri Barrows, Joy Pennington, etc.  Authors and researchers Roger Jewell, Fred Rydholm, Chuck Bailey., Jim Scherz, Jo and Lee Pennington, Scott Wolter, David Hoffman are among those who gave talks in the fireside lounge....  Geologist Robert Schoch and another researcher had booked a cabin but cancelled due to a Boston University graduation priority that arose...he and the Penningtons have a rain check for that significant new area of research in one of the semi-wilderness areas the States.
      The Sailing Ship petroglyph many here should recognize if you saw the fairly recent History Channel document, Holy Grail in America.   Below is the link to the first of nine You Tube videos---the entire two hour documentary that otherwise costs $20 from the History Channel.  I don't believe the documentary has been shown in Canada and Europe yet.  As with everything, the film has its flaws yet holds many truths and some great scenes of the above and other ancient sites...
      HOLY GRAIL IN AMERICA documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWHtFfJNZsk
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