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  • Susan
    Ancient American Magazine has generously put online some of their older issues, in full. The following link is to an excellent five page article by one of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2010
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      Ancient American Magazine has generously put online some of their older issues, in full. The following link is to an excellent five page article by one of our members that you may access from Issue #29, "Ancient Ohio's Great Hopewell Highway"  ©  by Ross Hamilton http://www.ancientamerican.com/article29p1.htm
      It may be well to keep in mind that the article was published in a 2004 issue and Ross may have added information since.  Diagram on page 4 should intrigue many here, particularly Steve G, Rick Osmon, myself, and other members of the Great Pyramid of Egypt Research Association ... The captain begins:
      The Great Pyramid of Cheops (yellow) appears in scale with the Newark circle-octagon to demonstrate an almost eery commonality of (1) area, (2) measurement and angularity between the two sites....
      A few folks within our group have articles in the current issue (#89) of Ancient American.  I received two copies when re-subscribing this month, which gives us another complimentary copy from publisher, Wayne May to include in our AWS loaner box for anyone here to borrow.  Or, for those who have never accessed a copy or cannot afford a subscriptions, I've not found that the large bookstore chains with cafes mind folks carefully thumbing through their magazines over a cup of coffee.  This issue just arrived and I've not read beyond the contents page.
      Ross Hamilton's  current article in Ancient American is "A Mysterious Discovery Beneath the Serpent's Head", p. 2.  For newcomers here, Ross is the author of Mystery of the Serpent Mound--In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods ; I purchased two copies not long ago, now see it online via a Google Books link;seems to be in full. A recent update and photo of Ross and Leslie w/information on Serpent Mound Park: http://newsdemocrat.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=128777
      Kentucky member Lee Pennington's article in the current issue is: "Waterways Map Stone Reveals Ancient Travel Routes and Mother Tongue", p..34
      Ohio member William Conno,r who authored the fairly recent Iron Age America Before Columbus also has a current Ancient American article titled "Europe's Glozel Tablets, Proof Cave Men Were Literate". which is also beaconing me to put off post-holiday necessities and read the magazine.
      Most of our members are anonymous to even the hosts, so if anyone has articles or current publications you wish me to acknowledge related to ancient waterways, cultural diffusion....please let me know personally, or Post directly. 
      AWS member Larry Gallant is assistant editor of Ancient American Magazine and will be one of the speakers (along with Michael Cremo) at the AAPS 7th Annual International Conference on Ancient America September 16-18, 2011 in Marquette, Michigan.  Lee Pennington will be presenting,  as will geologist Scott Wolter, Dr. Joseph Lorenz (Central Washington University--specialty-DNA & Native Americans), Jay Wakefield, and others.  AAPS is trying to line up  Galvin Menzes.  Though the conference is months away and still in the initial planning stages, the link is:  http://www.aaapf.org/scripts/prodView.asp?idProduct=59  I hope to attend this year.  If any of you are interested, perhaps we can ride-share, group camp, etc.  Marquette is at least four or five hours north of me here in Central Wisconsin.
      I also would love to meet a few folks down at Serpent Mound Park over a weekend sometime within the next year or so.
      My eyesight after two recent surgeries is nearly fully restored; I've worn tri-focals since grammar school; now haven't had to wear any for a month.  I also received a surprise laptop computer from my twin sons, so no longer have to endure one hour daily computer time limits and drive to the downtown library.
      Apologies to this group that so many of my posts are laden with so many links as to wind up in your Spam folders.  The links are necessities within my role promoting and interconnecting folks in order to further add to the synergy of the group as a whole. And, toward the dedicated efforts of individual members and onlookers at this site.  Many here and at other global associations have hope that the powerful worldwide intercommunications outreach, sharing, and research efforts will help us all better understand---and live---many of the long lost legacies, insights, wisdoms of the distant past.   
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