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Re: Malcolm Pearson

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  • Susan
    David, I see from Malcolm Pearson s obituary that he was a founding member of NEARA, and that, as is true of many of you here, applied the skills from his
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 17, 2010

      David,  I see from Malcolm Pearson's obituary that he was a founding member of NEARA, and that, as is true of many of you here, applied the skills from his profession/vocation into the study of uninvestigated early human history:  http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/telegram/obituary.aspx?n=malcolm-d-pearson&pid=146529221&fhid=4141

      I look forward to some day visiting Mystery Hill.  David some time back sent a copy of one of his books, "America's Stonehenge", as a contribution for our group's loaner library listed at David's web site in which he lists the works of three or four other of our members: http://www.ancientstonesites.com/  Two of you have already borrowed and returned the book;  I need to read it before making a visit to Mystery Hill.

      Loaner books that several members here have contributed are kept within my home, plus a few dozen books and DVD's of my own.  I am happy to pay one-way postage to anyone here, and afterI save for another computer, I will be able to have enough online time to recompile a list.

      Thanks, Dave for letting us know about Malcolm Pearson's passing; I look forward to reading more about him and the sites so many of you have devoted much of your lives to investigating.       Susan


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "dgoudsward" <dave@...> wrote:
      > Just a quick message to note the passing of Malcolm Pearson, former owner of Mystery Hill and the last of the giants from the golden age of New England antiquarianism.
      > Malcolm died at age 99 on November 8. There will be no calling hours and the service will be private.

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