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Welcome new member & Photos: Ancient Art along the Mississippi River

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  • Susan
    Welcome new member, Blue Otter, and thank you for your introductory post to the site, which also helps the hosts here identify you as members rather than as
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2010

      Welcome new member, Blue Otter, and thank you for your introductory post to the site, which also helps the hosts here identify you as members rather than as Spammers.

      As is customary with newcomers here,  I am sending  you an email with related links of a few members or regular onlookers of our rather diverse, international membership who do not mind sharing a bit about themselves.

      Ted, the excellent photos in  your "Ancient Art along the Mississippi River" Post came out beautifully in your email that accompanies those who receive Individual Emails but it did not show up in the group Post.  If it is absent in my scan below, perhaps host MinnesotaStan or co-host Vince Barrows could help you put them into the Files or Photos section.

      Two days post-op from the cataract, I still have computer time restrictions, will be computerless probably for a few months yet, plus am dependent upon a driver yet until I stop seeing double.   Thanks to this group for your contributions to the site as well as personal emails.   It is always delightful for me to see ongoing interconnections made by members here, as well as newcomers signing on through some of you here.  

      Cordially,   Susan English in C. Wisconsin   






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      > >>
      > >> Too close to the tracks, history gets derailed by graffiti.
      > >>
      > >> --- On Thu, 10/28/10, Ted Sojka tedsojka@... wrote:
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      > >> From: Ted Sojka tedsojka@...
      > >> Subject: 3 more iPhotos
      > >> To: "Stan Rehm" minnesotastan@...
      > >> Cc: "Susan English" BeldingEnglish@...
      > >> Date: Thursday, October 28, 2010, 1:09 PM
      > >>
      > >> The rocks in the Effigy Mounds National Monument were reported to
      > >> be absent of Glyphs before its 1950 beginning.
      > >> Some glyphs were recorded in 1888, but they are long gone.
      > >>
      > >> Thanks for the advice about locating glyphs further down and it is
      > >> always a temptation to dig at the foot of one of these cliffs,
      > >> But hat would destroy any context to what is there, for some
      > >> archeologist in the future. A piece of charcoal or some
      > >> type of coloring agent, could still be there at the site. Not a
      > >> site along a road or railroad but one maybe not so easy to get to.
      > >> You can get to a site online at the Mississippi Valley Archeology
      > >> Center site, if you look up Tainter's Cave. You will be able
      > >> see photos of the artwork displayed in this rare time capsule.
      > >>
      > >> There is a new show on Iowa Public TV called The Ioway, a Lost
      > >> Nation. If you can get it on line it is a new
      > >> video shot with some of the local archeologists and Native
      > >> Americans, and it well worth watching.
      > >> My joy is in finding a glyph or what remains of it between the
      > >> graffiti, an matching pieces to the whole from the
      > >> surveyors notes back in 1888. I have found several and
      > >> photographed them in the last three decades.
      > >> They are spread over a ten mile area along two rivers.
      > >>
      > >> The art of the indigenous is not as protected as their grave
      > >> sites. I have tried to get the
      > >> caves around the park to be included as non contiguous worship
      > >> sites but an act of
      > >> congress is necessary for that.
      > >>
      > >> I was told of a small place in the National Park System that was
      > >> host to George Washington. The main house was listed as an historic
      > >> site.
      > >> Across a creek was an outbuilding and an outhouse. It took years
      > >> for it to be incorporated to the mainhistoric site as
      > >> it was across two newer property lines, which made the buildings
      > >> non contiguous to the main site.
      > >> I can only imagine the politically correct plaque that was erected
      > >> at the site of the later building.
      > >>
      > >> Thanks for the correspondence and for setting up the AWS site for
      > >> people to share items of interst.
      > >> Ted Sojka
      > >> Native Earthworks Preservation / Iowa
      > >>
      > >> IMG_1622.JPG
      > >>
      > >> IMG_1631.JPG
      > >>
      > >> IMG_1634.JPG

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