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See: PreColumbian Inscriptions #9886; ancient/old Tennessee cave(s), sinkholes

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  • Susan
    Jamey, Mike, and members here, I am lately calling AWS a research group, and in your posts or personal profile links, we are very much that, I won t repeat
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2007
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      Jamey, Mike, and members here,

      I am lately calling AWS a research group, and in your posts or
      personal profile links, we are very much that,

      I won't repeat what I wrote there, but part of the post relates to
      that group's interconnections with PI. Please check out PreColumbian
      Inscriptions #9886 at their main site:


      One of these days, the Tennessee Highland Rim area research that
      Jamey brought to the PI group will return to public/web group
      discussion, perhaps when Mike gets back in the States. Jamey started
      just before the first of February fielding questions/insights to and
      from the people he has been representing, to PreColumbian
      Inscriptions, Mike, and we here who are longtime members of the PI
      group. As said before, PreColumbian Inscriptions is the Yahoogroup
      where many groups, as we, began. I believe sometime in the future
      after formal scientific investigations are completed in Tennessee,
      PreColumbian Inscriptions, Jamey, Mike, Milissa & her husband, PI
      member Larry living on the Rim, and a few cooperative,interconnecting
      web groups will further involve ourselves with PreColumbian
      Inscriptions and perhaps TASC in a hum-dinger of a "in-the-wilds"
      conference. If "we" have anything to say at our group, it might be
      to 'push' for the setting to be along a nearby ancient Highland Rim

      I believe Mike suggested if it ever came about that PI put on a
      future conference, it would be kept low cost, close to nature. I
      believe he suggested canoe or kayaking, cave exploration, maybe many
      tent or outdoor workshops of a scholarly inscriptions/petroglyphs
      nature; I suggest perhaps avocational or professional interests &
      ancient crafts I know many of you have developed. Good home-cooked
      campfire food and instructions. Maybe a dream, but personally in my
      life, once such things are set to the type, rarely do they not

      Talking about Tennessee geology and cave exploration, next post I
      wish to introduce Norman Thomas, from Lower Michigan who joined the
      Ancient Waterways Society site a couple of weeks ago. I met Norm in
      2005 at the first AAAPF Conference in Big Bay, Michigan, have engaged
      in web correspondence. I did not know his background, but when you
      read the note he gave permission to me to share, you will see the
      potential connection. And would be a tremendous attribute to PI
      Tennessee research, and fun kayaker/spelunker should anyone choose to
      roll out a conference.

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