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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Another window on the Cherokee?

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  • joe white
    Wado equa, I could not open any of the photos because of yahoo. I would like to see them. Gah gey you e, Sitting Owl ... From:
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 9, 2010
      Wado equa,
      I could not open any of the photos because of yahoo.
      I would like to see them.
      Gah gey you e,
      Sitting Owl
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      From: Susan
      Sent: Monday, August 09, 2010 7:05 PM
      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Another window on the Cherokee?


      Thank you once again, Chris for the talent and time you spend sharing
      with this group, as in your recent Post. I hope Joe and/or others will
      respond or add other insights to this subject....

      Apologies to the group as one of your co-hosts here, but my computer and
      cell phone both went kaput during an electrical storm a week or so ago.
      I got an old cell phone working and hooked up again but it may be a year
      or two before I can save enough for another computer. Therefore, my
      online time will be confined to accessing the public library w/one hour
      time limit a day. I will discuss with Vince and Stan the possibilities
      of perhaps another co-host to keep an eye out for Spam, etc.....


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Chris Patenaude
      <yacrispyubetcha@...> wrote:
      > Yes, it is bad form to reply to one's own post.
      > Not really replying, just adding a P.S.
      > I read the article without looking at the picture clips that came with
      > Took it at its own standing.
      > The photos are scans from the pages of Barry Fell's Saga America
      > and do not all reflect rock inscriptions, but include any early Arabic
      examples Fell was showing in the book.
      > This weakens the article, imho, in that the photos appear without the
      essential text base and explanation of the original literature. One
      begins to wonder if the authors were drawing on their own speculations
      while using Barry's work as their base, not their own findings.
      > Even so, most of Barry's work was accurate, aside from a few slips
      where he also trusted another's fieldnotes instead of his own research.
      > -c
      > --- On Wed, 8/4/10, Chris Patenaude yacrispyubetcha@... wrote:
      > From: Chris Patenaude yacrispyubetcha@...
      > Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Another window on the Cherokee?
      > To: ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 8:01 PM
      > Hello fellow questors... a friend just sent me a new URL to
      > (See
      > at bottom of post)
      > No body of population was an island "in those
      > days" any more than they are today. We must balance and weigh
      > evidence to even more complexities amongst all Native tribes in the
      > 5th-14th centuries.
      > Here is a very interesting alternate view
      > of historical exploration and ongoing contact between the Old World
      > and this Sundowner Land.
      > This link speaks of the ongoing Muslim
      > expansions evidenced in Nevada. It reveals that the Chinese
      > Admiral, Zeng He, was Muslim. I was not aware of that point until
      > this. Arabic Muslim script is seen in plenty at The Equinox Project
      > site in CA. It has been a long-considered possibility that Chinese
      > 'should' be at the Inyo site as well as Celtic ogham and Arabic, but
      none of us colleagues in the org can recognize archaic Chinese, let
      > alone Muslim or Nestorian renditions of it. So that element still
      > remains an unknown, there at the CA enclave.
      > Now, this
      > new website reference adds more weight to the scale that Arabic
      > whether as pre- or post Muslim introductions, were a strong presence
      > in the western N.American continent. It hints that there were
      > Asian genetics possibly adding to the Native
      > Americans. This we accept with "well duh!" However, the
      > Muslim twist is new in the Chinese trail. I had considered Buddhism
      > a given, (tales of Ethyl Stewart) but this....?
      > How does this
      > affect the ongoing discussion of the Cherokee-as-Hebrew? Might the
      > DNA results pointing to Semitic roots have come from Muslims as much
      > Hebrew? Genes cannot indicate what religion a person is/was.
      > Joe,
      > Sitting Owl, what are the known ideas, here, from inside the Tribe? Is
      this website making a hollow claim? Where might these authors have
      > confirmed the Muslim Cherokee idea in the first place?
      > My
      > comments here are based only and solely on the main article. I have
      not clicked
      > or read any of the other obviously controversial article-papers that
      > link or spin-off from this site. It would not serve the discussion
      > to get sidetracked by red herrings. Replies to this post should
      > stick to the main article only.
      > But what say ye fellows in
      > arms?
      > -chris

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