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Re: History Channel Special

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  • joe white
    O siyo Dr. Allen, The Chief of The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Echo Hawk, has made it very clear, the so called Cherokee Nation, (Western Band of Cherokee) has
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      O'siyo Dr. Allen,
      The Chief of The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Echo Hawk, has made it very clear, the so called Cherokee Nation,
      (Western Band of Cherokee) has NO claim to the Historic Cherokee.
      You can now send your Cherokee Elders to sit at the feet of our Cherokee Elders to learn
      about Cherokee DNA, and the Ancient Beliefs, and Practices of the Cherokee.
      This would make Tennessee Cherokee the Historic Tribes.
      Gah gey you e,
      Joe Sitting Owl White
      Principal Chief
      Central Band of Cherokee
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 2:11 PM
      Subject: RE: History Channel Special

      What is a Real Indian Nation?




      Dr. Richard L. Allen

      Policy Analyst

      Cherokee Nation

      P.O. Box 948

      Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465

      (918) 453-5466 (office)

      (918) 822-2707 (cell)

      (918) 458-5898 (fax)


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      Subject: Fw: History Channel Special


      O'siyo Brothers, and Sisters,


      Below is the email that I sent to Maria Awes that is our contact to the

      History Channel Specials.  We hope that we will get a chance to present

      our DNA Proof that we had at the time, but was not considered, plus additional Proof.


      I think that the History Channel was under the assumption that we are a Mormon Tribe.

      We are not.  We have all denominations, and very few Mormon.


      This may have slanted their conclusions.


      We are Good!!!!   This is an on going series!!!!  Not to worry!!!!


      Gah gey you e,



      Sitting Owl



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      From: joe white

      To: maria

      Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 9:04 PM

      Subject: History Channel Special


      O'siyo Little Sister,


      A very interesting Special.


      When you film the next Special that includes the Bat Creek Stone Results,

      maybe, you will let us use our DNA Consultants, Sorenson Molecular DNA Results,

      the Chief Red Bird Results, and others. 


      Gah gey you e,


      Sitting Owl

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