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A story from Ohio in 1891

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    The following item was posted this past week at Futility Closet : The residents of East Union,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2010
      The following item was posted this past week at Futility Closet :

      "The residents of East Union, Ohio, several miles east of Wooster, areconsiderably worked up over the discovery of a cave near the village.J.M. Davis, Will S. Grady and Alexander Hunter, while out hunting,chased a rabbit into a burrow on a hill near the line of the Cleveland,Akron & Columbus railway. Determined to secure the game, theyprocured a mattock and shovel and proceeded to dig it out. Afterexcavating the earth to a depth of about four feet they uncovered acuriously shaped stone, upon which were the evident marks of humanworkmanship. … The stone itself closed the opening into a subterraneanchamber, which, with the aid of a ladder and lantern, was found to bein the form of a cubical cistern (perfectly dry), ten feet high, tenfeet wide and ten feet long, carved in solid sandstone, with exquisiteprecision, and containing a few arrow-heads, stone pestle and mortar,the remains of a fire, and in the northwest corner, sitting in anupright position, a human skeleton, in a good state of preservation,with circlets of copper about its neck, wrist, and ankle bones. Itseyeless sockets were turned toward the entrance, and looked sad andghastly. Upon making the discovery Coroner Huntsberger was summoned,but, viewing the skeleton, refused to hold an inquest. Crowds of peopleare visiting the cave daily since the discovery."

      The citation is to The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal, May 1891.

      Anyone ever heard this story? or know if it was true or not?  I find it hard to believe that anyone would dig four feet into the side of a hill just trying to get a rabbit out of a hole, or that a sitting skeleton would remain articulated for centuries, but one never knows...
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