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YouTube "Scaling the Walls" by Rick Osman (from AAPS/Judy Johnson)

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  • Susan
    Rec d the following from AAPS secretary Judy Johnson which includes a videoclip of upcoming film Scaling the Walls by Rick Osman, host of the Oopa Loopa Cafe
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2010

      Rec'd the following from AAPS secretary Judy Johnson which includes a videoclip of upcoming film "Scaling the Walls" by Rick Osman, host of the Oopa Loopa Cafe Thursday evening radioblog and member of Ancient Waterways Society:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eB2fWDR6qY8

      Dear Friends of AAPS
      Here's an intriguing tantalizer for early american visitation by "white indians"...
      will be expanded upon to a more substantial film by Rick Osman.
      He hopes to have it done for premiering at AAPS conf. 2010.
      Put the conf. on your calendars too! We have some of our regular presenters and
      Sam Osmanagich and Scott Wolter. See all the names on our website promo of the conf.
      Have a look at Rick's little film@
      love, Judy
      Judy M Johnson, Sec. AAPS
      (Prev. AAAPF) www.aaapf.org
      Ancient Artifact Preservation Society
      PO Box 216, Skandia MI 49885
      PS- I'm sometimes slow in answering email.
      If you need me fast, please phone.
      ph 906-942-7865 or 810-229-5210
      * 6th Annual AAPS Conference on Ancient America
      Marquette Michigan, Sept 17-19th, 2010
      Some of you may wish to hear last Thursday's Oopa Loopa Cafe program via the archives. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/oopa-loopa-cafe (Scroll to 3/18/10 episode).  Rick interviewed Washington State researcher, Jay Wakefield, co-author of Rocks and Rows-Sailing Routes Across the Atlantic and the Copper Trade: http://rocksandrows.com/
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