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notes from, introduction to Egyptianologist researcher Stephen Mehler and others

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  • Susan
    Ancient Waterways Society members and onlookers, Please take a look at my Yahoo Profile photo (click beldingenglish screen name under Messages) taken at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2005
      Ancient Waterways Society members and onlookers,

      Please take a look at my Yahoo Profile photo (click beldingenglish
      screen name under Messages) taken at the coastal Tulum ruins in
      Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula last month. It is the first picture I
      have ever uploaded; the photo shot & downloaded by daughter
      Elizabeth when family members rented a beach house to honor my
      upcoming 60th birthday. (I, in purple).

      Enclosed are e-letters from independent Egyptianologist, Stephen
      Mehler (Boulder, Colorado), author of The Land of Osiris. I became
      acquainted with Stephen and his research associate Christopher Dunn
      (England and Illinois, author of The Giza Poer Plant--Technologies
      of Ancient Egypt) at World Explorers Club conferences at the Central
      Illinois farmtown Adventures Unlimited Bookstore/clubhouse residence
      of David Hatcher-Childress and his bride Jennifer. An admirer and
      acquaintence of the late Thor Heyerdahl, world explorer David has
      dozens, if not hundreds, of books, tapes and publications
      circulating the globe. All are busy, busy people yet highly
      approachable and accessible, will sit hours after their
      presentations in informal discussions during conferences or tours.

      Since I do my best to connect dedicated diffusionists and other
      researchers to each other across ancient, global waterways,
      enclosed are two letters from Stephen as an introduction. Some
      of you, as am I, who are also members of the PreColumbian
      Inscriptions group (see under our "Links") have conversed
      extensively with Stephen and his associate, Christopher Dunn at some
      of the friendly World Explorers Club conferences. I am also listing
      the URL for two full audiotaped "Conversations for Exploration"
      (Laura Lee interviews)of Stephen. See:


      Two others (Water Works I & II) are excellent converstions, in full,
      which include researchers/authors Christopher Dunn and marine
      engineer/mathematician John Cadman. All three (and David Hatcher-
      Childress)are board members of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research
      Association (see "Links").

      The type of information I am presenting in this letter might be more
      appropriate under "Links" too, but for now I would like to keep a
      few posts rolling in until we set the tone for this web page. It may
      turn out to be a page for keeping updated posts and links,
      occasional comments, interactions...we shall see.

      My main purpose for joining Internet diffusionist groups is to link
      as a recipient as well as help interconnect and enhance the research
      efforts of those of you engaged in what I feel is highly significant
      work during times when many of us hear and feel the rumblings of
      change throughout our social systems and environment worldwide.

      M. Susan English
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      From: Stephen Mehler
      To: [names deleted] Susan English
      Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2005 2:27 PM
      Subject: News


      I hope this messages finds all well and happy...

      Some information to put on your calendars or please pass on to
      anyone who might be interested.

      I will be doing a lecture/workshop at the Unity Church in Sedona,
      AZ. on Friday May 20, 2005 along with Native American Elder Bennie
      LeBeau (see below). Contact Karen Koebnick, kkoebnick@... or
      (928) 282-2450 for details.

      I will be co-leading a tour of England and Scotland along with Mark
      Amaru and Andrea Pinkham in July 2005. We will do England July 12-
      20, and Scotland July 20-27---one can do England or Scotland alone
      or both, as we will. For more info:
      IMPORTANT: Space in the northern Scotland area where we will be
      visiting is very tight in July, due to a Clan Sinclair International
      gathering. Therefore, in order to assure your place in the group,
      PLEASE reserve your space as soon as possible.

      I will also be co-leading another tour of Egypt October 25-November
      6, 2005. This tour will feature myself, Native American Elder
      Bennie LeBeau of the Eastern Shoshone tribe and guest appearances by
      my teacher, Khemitian indigenous wisdom keeper Abd 'El Hakim Awyan,
      and his daughter, internationally known healer Shahrzad Awyan. For
      more info: http://www.bodymindspiritjourneys.com/RealTime.cgi?

      Last, but certainly not least, my second book From Light Into
      Darkness: The Evolution of Religion In Ancient Egypt, is in the
      final stages of preparation and we are planning on having it
      released by Adventures Unlimited Press July 2005--stay tuned for

      In Love & Light,

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Stephen Mehler
      Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 7:17 PM


      Good to hear from you again--I have updated your new address in file
      so you will be getting mailings from me again.

      Our tour was great; we had 58 people sign up, which turned out to be
      too many! The whole tour was videoed and will
      be available in a set of DVD's which I have already seen and they
      are great--they will be available soon and I will post
      about that.

      We had a WEX [World Explorers Club] conference in Sedona, not
      Denver, in December and David [Hatcher-Childress]
      will be doing another one there in the fall--David and Jennifer are
      spending a few months in England and I am to understand
      there will not be a conference in Kempton this year.

      I will be leading tours to England and Scotland in July and another
      tour of Egypt in late October. The Egypt tour will feature
      Native American and Indigenous Khemitian ceremonies on site.

      I am hard at work on my second book, From Light Into Darkness: The
      Evolution Of Religion In Ancient Egypt to be released,
      hopefully, by early summer. I really don't have any time for
      message boards...

      In Light,

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