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Re: Founding principles

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  • Susan
    Something we do periodically at this site is to include our founding principles, and suggestions from another site we find helpful in promoting
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2010
      Something we do periodically at this site is to include our founding principles, and suggestions from another site we find helpful in promoting open-minded-/heartedness and for encouraging members to post without fear of being publicly belittled or ridiculed.
      MinnesotaStan and I had met at an Ancient Earthworks meeting on a university campus a few years ago and discussed setting up an Ancient Waterways Society web site. Stan, myself, and Pam Giese (UK)--who had also contributed ideas to an Ancient Waterways Society site a year or two before that--were all members, too, of the PreColumbian Inscriptions web site, held high regard for the wisdom within many of the guidelines on that site's Home Page.  I re-list these from PreColumbian Inscriptions for our members to review and hopefully find useful (host/founder Mike White): 
      (note Gobekli Tepe link within post second from the top!)
      I always insert within the Ancient Waterways Society "newcomer welcome letter" the founding principles introduced in our first post to this group by web designer and host, MinnesotaStan.  I plead guilty to "cheerleading" the work of others, particularly when learning of members' books, links, web sites, articles, etc.   Better I do so with those who maintain humility, respect toward others, tact. and the diplomacy I believe raises credibility and goodwill within research across the globe. Rather than encouraging arrogance, negativity and a 'we' vs. 'they' polarization. Especially here and at the Atlantic Conference where we have persons from avocational as well as professional avenues of research, and continue to work together with mutual respect. 
      from first page (Oldest ) at our site:
      Susan English, a co-host

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Minnesotastan@... wrote:
      This website was developed to provide an online "meeting place" for
       both lay and professional persons with an interest in selected aspects
       of the ancient world, especially with regard to the spread of people
       and their cultures from Europe/Africa/Asia to the Americas.
      This board encourages the posting of intelligent commentary,
       inquiries, news of events, and reasonable speculation. The board
      discourages spam, cheerleading, bashing, profanity and flaming, and
      mindless drivel.

      As founder and moderator of the board, I currently have the power to
      delete messages, and will do so as needed to set the tone for the
      board. Repeat offenders can be deleted as members. (After a while I
      will appoint some other moderators from among those who post well).
      Deletions of material from the message board will be based on the
      principles in the second paragraph above - not on the basis of whether
      comments and opinions conform to any established dogma. (Primarily the
      message board will be cleaned of messages from spammers trying to sell
      Viagra or providing hot stock tips).

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