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Get well wishes to Bill "Fishtrap" from Georgia

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  • Susan
    Thank you, Ted for extending a greeting to recent newcomers. It is always much appreciated for the membership to receive greetings, replies, data from other
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2010
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      Thank you, Ted for extending a greeting to recent newcomers.  It is always much appreciated for the membership to receive greetings, replies, data from other members here.

      Ted, I hope it is OK to mention...from email exchanges between you and Vince which I'd received in regard to member Bill "Fishtrap" Frazier from Georgia who joined Ancient Waterways Society last summer.  Bill has intercommunicated with a number of our members since he joined and I believe met up with another of our members from Tennessee, Cherokee chief, Joe Sitting Owl White in one of the Southern US states.

      Bill has recently undergone surgery near his home in Georgia and was still  in the ICU February 12th when Ted received word from his family.  The note to Ted said the writer was saving the emails to print out and make a book for Bill to read when he is better.  If any members here would like to email Bill, his email address is listed under Members at left of our web pages.  To mail him a friendly get well card, Ted, Vince, or I will be able to email you the updated message and address that Bill's family sent.  I am sure Bill would enjoy hearing from members of this group.  I recall his first letter to the group he was questioning whether we would find old or ancient fish traps of interest here. 

      After Bill joined this group last year I recall reading an article that he'd retired from his paid job in 1983 but immediately went into extensive investigative and photographic work...paragraphs, links below tell a little about this work.

      ....For 15 years [Bill] used his interest and expertise in Archaeology to locate, photograph and document fish traps. In 2004 his work finally was recognized by the Society for Georgia Archaeology. Bill's paper, Georgia's Fish Trap Dams was published in Volume 32, No 1. in June 2004. 

      and:   http://www.cherokeetv.com/get-local/local-news/historical-society's-august-19-program-on-fish-traps-scheduled.aspx


       Bill Frazier is researching Georgia's streams and fish trap dams.  He is interested in any information relative to riverine cultural resources in and along Georgia's streams.  In his studies, he has compiled lists and maps of the earliest record landowners, those who participated in the Gold Rush, etc.  Some pertain especially to Murray County.  If you are interested in obtaining some of his documents, please contact him.


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