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Theft of 13,000 Native American artifacts- S. Illinois (Megalithic Portal News)

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    From: andy@megalithic.co.uk andy@megalithic.co.uk Current edition of Andy s Megalithic
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2010
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      Current edition of Andy's Megalithic Portal News Summary, in part:
      13,000 Native American artifacts stolen from Southern Illinois refuge
      Subject: North America
      Thousands of Native American artifacts were stolen then sold for profit. An Illinois man has been convicted of not only stealing those artifacts, but causing devastating damage to the Cypress Creek Wildlife Refuge where he found them.  The Southern Illinois refuge, two hours from St. Louis, is protected or it was supposed to be. But authorities say one man created his own archeological dig, taking 13,000 artifacts from the ground.
      Note: Archaic Period Artifacts Stolen from Vast Wetlands Preserve.  Looter gets 30 days and half of maximum fine.
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