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Bimini Road brief from Andy's 1/28/10 Megalithic Portal News Summary

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  • Susan
    A few members already subscribe to Andy s Megalithic Portal News Summary from the UK which is sent probably monthly or quarterly and includes links, letters,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2010
      A few members already subscribe to Andy's Megalithic Portal News Summary from the UK which is sent probably monthly or quarterly and includes links, letters, articles from around the globe.  Othersw here may want to subscribe to the optional freewill donation site through the following link.  The article at the end of my post mentions new investigative by another diving team and seems to be the latest on the Bimini Road.  The site is in the Caribbean near Nassau, and has been brought up at Ancient Waterways from time to time.  Last mention I believe was in regard to the "Ancient Underwater Road?" site member Herb Wagner found and has been investigating in NW Wisconsin south of Lake Superior the past few years.
      I recall Pam Giese of the UK posting at that time that she has snorkeled over the Bimini Road.  And another of our earlier members, Steve Garcia, whose methodical, thought-provoking posts on the subject many appreciated.  Steve's screen name here as "bigalemc2"   I met Steve through Pam Giese (who grew up near the Aztalan Mounds in Wisconsin, now lives in the UK) at an annual World Explorers Club conference in C. Illiniois at David Hatcher-Childress' bookstore and home.  Garcia grew up miles from the Cahokia Mounds near St. Louis, works long hours as an engineer, is a member of other web groups and has not posted for some time.  I very much appreciated the thoughtfulness and time he put into his posts to our group,  Also the lively, exchanges the brilliant engineer used to have with Rick Osman here.   I miss the early supportive friend to this group, who, to me  seems to keep close to him knowledge and wisdom of his own and other ancient traditions.  Steve is also a member of the 5000 member Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and allied closely to many of its brilliant originators and current board members.  If I recall correctly, decades ago Steve spent months living  somewhat earthily (possibly another old hippie here) on-site very near the Giza Pyramid.
      Should he post again some day I hope to hear why he has problems with what academics and even the most open minded diffusionists have to say about "glaciers".  From Steve Garcia, Ancient Waterways Post #323, and responses below his by others.  I am doing this also to let all members here know that posts many of you spent time on, but possibly did not get a response on at that time are retrievable. (Please feel free to resurrect your own or other posts into current contexts, anytime). 
      Back to the link to today's article from Megalithin Portal News submitted by one of their subscribers, Diver's hired by Physic's foundation to Search for Atlantis:   http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=24948 
      Submitted by ban Friday, 22 January 2010  Page Views: 269
      Alternative Archaeology Site Name: Bimini Road Alternate Name: Bimini Wall
      Country: Carribean Islands Nearest Town:
      Nassau Nearest Village: Barley Town

      An underwater rock formation, the Bimini Road is made of large, roughly rectangular stones of a limestone conglomerate known as "beachrock". The .5 mile long feature is generally straight for most of its length and then turns sharply at one end. The pieces of beachrock are generally eroded, with rounded edges and corners.

      The feature is described variously:
      - as a natural pavement which has become broken into pieces in place due to natural forces, or,
      - as a man made structure, built either during an ice age when the shoreline of the Bahamas would have extended much farther out into the sea, or more exotically, prior to sudden and cataclysmic events that plunged it beneath the waves.
      Much of the argument, for and against each basic hypothesis, involves whether or not there is more than one course of stones laid in place, the nature of smaller stones seen beneath the main layer, and exactly where bedrock lies in the area. Examination of the structure, by its very nature, is a difficult effort. Proponents of a natural origin find the "published" records of expeditions mounted by the backers of a man made origin lacking enough evidence to disprove the more mundane explanation.

      Note: Diver's hired by Physic's foundation to Search for Atlantis...

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