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  • Ted Sojka
    Euro bugs are possible if ancient trade reached them, also climate change around 4500 years BP is talked about. Ted
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2010
      Euro bugs are possible if ancient trade reached them, also climate change around 4500 years BP is talked about.  Ted
      On Jan 8, 2010, at 4:56 PM, Chris Patenaude wrote:

      John, grist for Tony's mill?
      Things being found under the jungle in Brazil. Twarn't always jungle-y!

      One has to question, did the over-exploitation of the Ancient folk also assist in their own demise by unsustainable resource use? Now that we see these designs, earthworks and occupational zones coming to light, is it a warning sign that we have now reached that same level of danger to our own downfall?

      Or does it mean a lot of the worry about de-forestation isn't the point Earth is trying to tell us, but that if we care for the land properly, we can continue to have the cake and eat it too?
      Just so long as we put back what we take and don't overgraze? Don't take off the top soil that allows erosion?

      These landforms and earthworks show no sign of gully or over-extension of land use in any way. The people did seem to find a balance and still get by with less jungle and more surface occupation... somehow. But how? Why are they gone, now? When did they decline? Did Euro-bugs get 'em in the medieval era, too? Did it only take 200 yrs for the jungles to grow back, given free rein to take over again? (So that Spanish/Portugese explorers found intact old growth in place by 1600...)Did the Ancients eat themselves out of house & home? Did an impact event wipe them out?

      Many questions raised by these new findings!


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      From: Ted Sojka <tedsojka@...>
      Subject: Fwd: Amazon
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      Date: Saturday, January 2, 2010, 8:13 PM

      Here are some interesting features on the Earth in the Amazon.  


      Begin forwarded message:


      Note the scale, and the road damage to earthworks in the image.  According to:
      they are in Boca do Acre (AM) at map points shown.


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