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Re: The Society for American Archaeology's Archaeological Record

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  • Susan
    Thanks to host MinnesotaStan for posting the link and informing our group of the free online access to the SAA Archaeological Record. As Bill, Chris, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 2009

      Thanks to host MinnesotaStan for posting the link and informing our group of the free online access to the SAA Archaeological Record.  As Bill, Chris, and others, I too have been burrowed into the past issues.  With forty-five issues from 2001-2009 and more coming, if anyone here comes across articles you find noteworthy, please post the link and comments to the group.

      The most recent Issue (November, 2009) pertains exclusively to  waterways with journal articles related to ancient fishing, sailing, shell middens, "Fisherman'sShrines...".

      Same journal lists SAA's upcoming (April, 2010) 75th Anniversary Meeting to be held in St. Louis (April 14-18t, 2010) tours of Cahokia Mounds.  Thousands are expected to attend and include the society's friends, colleagues, students, and the public.


      Working overtime with H1N1 clinics out of town, as soon as I get time off during the holidays, I hope to find the whereabouts of and have members list to this group all of the Loaner DVD's, books, audio's of mine that are still out among group members.  Vince, I have your "BANNERSTONES" DVD back here now and will send it to you soon if no one else here wants to see it.  My  2008 Atlantic Conference (Nova Scotia) 6-DVD set is still on loan and being returned soon, available for mailing to any group member. The Lee/Joy Pennington DVD's have been returned. I have all of the JoLeProductions  http://www.joleproductions.com/history.html  DVD's and would be happy to loan them to you and/or include them in a loaner box. 

      Anyone having any of my books, tapes, etc. out, please list them specifically here at the site to see if anyone else from the group wants to borrow them; otherwise please mail them back to Susan English, 1045 St. Austin Avenue, Wausau, WI 54403.  715 212 5659 .  I also have an unmarked DVD with photos...not sure who included it when one of the loaner boxes was circulating. 

      I am happy to mail/share/circulate relevant books, tapes, articles out once or twice, but would prefer they not keep coming back here every time, then having to mail them to the next person on the list.  If anyone has items to loan to members of this group, please label each with your name/address, etc., list them w/authors, dates, etc. here, and I suggest members help us keep track of their own circulating items, where they, via posts to the general membership here.    Sharing, to me, is the real beauty of group affiliations rather than persons working in isolation.

      Happy Holidays to all. 


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "minnesotastan" <minnesotastan@...> wrote:
      > Nine years (2001-2009), 45 issues, fulltext via pdf files.
      > Online.
      > Free.
      > SAA Archaeological Record
      > <http://saa.org/AbouttheSociety/Publications/TheSAAArchaeologicalRecord/\
      > tabid/64/Default.aspx>
      > Explore and enjoy.
      > Stan

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