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Rocks & Rows, Sailing Routes across the Atlantic....(deJong & Wakefield)

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  • Susan
    Rec d the following email w/review and comments from AAPS secretary Judy Johnson in regard to a new book by Dr. Reinoud DeJonge (the Netherlands) & Jay
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2009

      Rec'd the following email w/review and comments from AAPS secretary Judy Johnson in regard to a new book by Dr. Reinoud DeJonge (the Netherlands) & Jay Wakefield (Washington State):  Rocks & Rows, Sailing Routes across the  Atlantic and the Copper Trade 

      When helping we a survey in N. Michigan last month, I ran into Jay Wakefield and two others, then had intercommunicated several emails soon after returning home.  Wakefiled generously offered to send me a copy of the new book to look over and/or review.  Which I am happy to do, though hardly qualified.  Nevertheless, it will become part of our loaner books and DVD's.  The title and well documented work of the two navigators fits well into an Ancient Waterways Society.  

      Jay has generously donated several cases of the new book to AAPS, if some of you are interested in ordering a copy or two before it hits online distributers and bookstores. 

      I also own a copy of Wakefield & De Jonge's first book, How the Sungod Reached America:  http://www.howthesungod.com/ if anyone would like to borrow it for a few weeks, then mail it to the next member here who requests.  A summary is listed on the web link.  The new book will also be added to our group's loaner list of books & DVD's as soon as I receive and read it.  I have books of two AWS members sitting on my coffee table to read first.

      From AAPS secretary this evening, and I see comments from Ancient Waterways members Rick Osmon and Zena Halpern:

      Rocks & Rows, Sailing Routes across the  Atlantic and the Copper Trade
      by Jay Wakefield and Reinoud De Jonge

      The authors have generously donated two cases of books to AAPS to raise funds for the giant float copper and museum. This may prove to be one of the most evidentially conclusive books, well documented, amazingly researched and analyzed resulting in astounding new theories...no, more than theories...newly defined HISTORY! Orderly stories that give us a clearer picture of the movement and industry of people of ancient days, and how they link the continents of the entire world.

      We predict you will agree that this book fulfills Judy's 3 criteria for a book to be worthy of her time, it must be:
      1. Entertaining
      2. Educational
      3. Inspirational

      This book contains  explanations of "blister copper" found in European Oxhide Ingots, and the  evidence for the manufacture of the Ingots on the Gulf of Mexico.

      This book was given the Victor Moseley Award by Midwestern Epigraphic Society "for the incredible translation of the many megalithis stone inscriptions in Western Europe..."

      * Astounding decodings- Ruth Parnell, Nexus Magazine
      *...an amazing scientific breakthrough....it's astonishing- Whitley Strieber, Dreamland US National Radio
      ...scholarly.. Rich Shelton, the Daily Grail
      ...compelling...a mind bender... Dave Billman, reviewer
      ...the combination of accepted dating, with open minded investigation, makes for a compelling interpretation...Rick Osmon, Blogtalk Radio
      Fascinating source materials...the evidence seems irrefutable... Frank Joseph, Author
      ...a brilliant contribution... Gerard Ljsereet, Ph.D Professor of Archaeology
      Fantastic bit of scholarship.. Lawrence L Weed M.D. Scientist
      You are visionaried...your work is cutting edge... Zena Halpern, researcher

      Price includes shipping.

      From Judy Johnson/AAPS: Rocks & Rows, Sailing Routes across Atlantic and Copper Trade- Books are IN!  Tuesday, November 17, 2009 8:20 PM

      From: "Judy's Paper Goods" judyspapergoods@...
      Dear Friends of AAPS
      Jay Wakefield has generously donated several cases of his new book to AAPS as a fund raiser. Bless His Heart!
      Those books were delivered today, and tomorrow I'll begin packaging and mailing to those who pre-paid at conference.
      Please read the review of the book below-
      Here's a little motivational offer for you:
      The price of the book is $35 with $5 added for shipping.
      For you folks who have ordered one, add one more to be shipped together for just an additional $20!
         You can email or phone me to confirm your wishes, then mail a check for the $20.
         Will make a great gift for anyone with a curious mind and the slightest interest in our ancient past.
         (My 85 year old mother has acquired a recent interest in this stuff and she never did before)
      For you folks who have not yet ordered the book, you may get one (including shipping) for $40
      OR make it TWO books for $60. Such a deal! You save $20 on book and shipping.
      This will be a most interesting read!
      Thanking you in advance for your order.
      Please mail your check and your order to:
      PO Box 216
      Skandia MI 49885
      Love, Judy

      Judy M Johnson, Sec. AAPS
      (Prev. AAAPF)
      Ancient Artifact Preservation Society
      PO Box 216, Skandia MI 49885
      ph 906-942-7865 or 810-229-5210
      * 6th Annual AAPS Conference on Ancient America
      Marquette Michigan, Sept 17-19th, 2010





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