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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Welcome Marti

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  • Marmot
    Geez, there is no slipping in quietly here :-) Thanks for the warm welcome Susan, and greetings to you all. Iyeshkah is a misspelling of the Lakota word Iyeska
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2007
      Geez, there is no slipping in quietly here :-)

      Thanks for the warm welcome Susan, and greetings to you all.

      Iyeshkah is a misspelling of the Lakota word Iyeska pronounced
      ee-yea-shkah if I remember correctly, it means roughly something that
      acts as a bridge between or is a transition between, the word is
      sometimes used for mixed bloods. It's just an ID I picked out of my head
      at random.

      Glad you liked the photos, some are quite old particularly those showing
      vigorous physical activity, I'm pretty laid back now, day hikes are
      about it now. Many southwest photos are more recent, though I have been
      visiting that part of the US since the early 70s. I spend anywhere from
      a few weeks to a couple months most winters hanging out in Arizona and
      visit various places on the way. I recently got back from AZ, looks like
      I'll be heading to southeast Utah in a couple weeks to meet some AZ
      friends for car camping and exploring some easy slot canyons.

      Glaciers are shrinking rapidly here in the Cascades as well, some
      smaller ones have entirely disappeared since I first started hiking the
      north Cascades over 30 years ago. Weather is different than when I moved
      here 30 years ago.

      Saguaro National Park is in two units on the east and west sides of
      Tucson AZ, the photo is from the west unit. The other rock art photos
      are from the Moab UT area. Jack peak is north of me here in north
      central Washington.

      Until 2 summers ago I grew garlic for many years which I sold at our
      farmers market, it got too hard on the back, working part time at a job
      I like is easier and more profitable.

      I'll be try to stay on topic in the future, mostly though I'll probably
      just absorb what is posted since I don't think I have that much I can add.

      Again thanks for the welcome.

      Susan wrote:
      > Dear Marti, All,
      > So very happy to see you here at Ancient Waterways Society again,
      > Marti. Was wondering the meaning of the name Iyeshkah for your
      > YahooID name and its pronunciation...
      > Members and viewers here, please go to Marti's Home Page to the
      > three slide shows listed by clicking "Iyeshkah". The link is:
      > http://new.photos.yahoo.com/iyeshkah/albums
      > What a memorable lunch time I had...ladeled a bowl of homemade lentil
      > soup and sat back as the exquisite of Nature from Marti's
      > surroundings and travel unfolded: exquisite wilderness, ancient
      > waterways, sacred sites. I took a few notes during the second
      > viewing, chuckled sometimes at the wonderful word play: "Wall Street,
      > Utah", the one about ancestral writings (lost my notes), interesting
      > lava cave; [I remember sliding,skiing on glacier in Colorado in the
      > mid-60's when I was living there. Sadly, glaciers are gone there
      > from warming]. Marti, was wondering were Saguaro was, Jack Pk., too.
      > Great Anasazi photo. Very truly was stirred with Homeland Security,
      > Fighting Terrorism, 1492. Jamey and many of you at this site will
      > appreciate this...
      > The natural world across the continent is truly your backyard
      > where you create, kayak, ski, enjoy the surf, bike, hike, camp,
      > share all of these things with friends via a camera lens. The photo
      > of the garlic fields, assumably you sell at farmers markets with the
      > size of the garden.
      > Thank you for sharing your reverence for life with us. Once again,
      > glad to have you here.
      > Susan
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