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Future AWS field trips; TIME TRACKERS link-Dr. Franey letter to J Johnson

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  • Susan
    Letter below to Judy Johnson/AAPS & Update from Dr. Brenda Franey (Time Trackers), who, some of you may recall was booked with geolgoist Dr. Robert Schoch at
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      Letter below to Judy Johnson/AAPS  & Update from Dr. Brenda Franey (Time Trackers), who, some of you may recall was booked with geolgoist Dr. Robert Schoch at Eagle Lodge Resort on Lake Superior (May '08) for one of our informal Ancient Waterways Society 'pot luck' weekends that many of you attended.  The event centered around the Pennington/ JoLe Productions filming of an upcoming documentary in the Copper Country.  Boston University gradution conflicts arose where Schoch and Franey had to cancel their cabin reservations at the last minute.  They still need 'core copper samples' and perhaps if they and the Penningtons don't mind a small crowd again, perhaps another similar event will come up again.  Any AWS event we have, most I have heard from here prefer we keep costs rock bottom where folks can share meals, campfires, meet in pristine settings where it seems easier to enjoy warm comaraderie with each other and best attune to ancient wisdom.  Than it is to gather expensively and impersonally amongst commercial/urban sprawl. At least for informal gatherings and field trips; formal conferences are a different matter.   

      Here is an update to AAPS secretary from Dr. Brenda Franey, and I am adding a link called TimeTrackers, of which she is affiliated:  http://timetrackers.grifco.be/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25&Itemid=74

      From: Brenda
      Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 11:30 AM
      Subject: RE: Details for Conference 09
      Dear Judy,

      Thank you for your updates.

      I'm with you at the conference in spirit, but getting paperwork into the Welsh government in time to do excavations this year takes precedence.

      I did see the Kensington Stone program; very exciting and kudos to Scot for his fine work.  I believe he represents the kind of work we can do with likeminded researchers at the conference.

      I do look forward to directly participating soon with you all.

      There is much exciting work to report with vitrified forts, the "Red Prince" I found at the Smithsonian, etc.  He was found in the adjacent mound to the Bat Creek mound and some of the artifacts that had been attributed to the Bat Creek mound were actually in the Red Prince's mound.  They are dated to around the 5th C AD.  One of the sites we hope to soon excavate may contain some contemporary burials to compare to.

      We're analyzing rocks from some UK vitrified forts for meteor event markers.  Firestone's group is helping with that:

      Firestone, Richard, Allen West, and Simon Warwick-Smith. The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes. Rochester, VT: Bear & Company, 2006.

      It so happens that when I was working with George McMullen (now dead) and we were in the UK, we traveled some with Niven Sinclair and told him about the Knight's Templar's travels to the west from Nova Scotia. (Ashley is a very nice person.) George did much work with the Templar's; the Kensington Stone info fits right in.  Also the UP ancient copper mines.  I filmed George talking about this at some sites.

      I have met with Dr. Shelley Wachsmann at Texas A & M (thanks to Zena' suggestion!), and his work with the ships in the Bronze Age Levant may be useful to apply my copper isotope analysis idea to.  The chairman of his department also expressed interest in being involved with the International Field School which is part of the TIME TRACKERS project in Wales.

      Well, must get back to work or nothing will happen.

      Thank you!


      [The essence of Time Trackers is an innovative multidisciplinary Time Trackers team which sets out to bring new insights to many of the historical mysteries and controversies of our age through scientific investigations.

      Dr. Brenda Franey - Research Director - Film Producer 

      Brenda Franey, MS, DVM, owns Celtic Wireless, Inc., a documentary film and media production company.

      Dr Brenda Franey

      Dr. Franey began her academic career in archaeology and anthropology culminating in an investigative summer field program in Central America before graduating from the University of Maryland in 1976. By 1983, she completed Masters of Science in Engineering and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degrees at the University of Florida. Image

      After 17 years, she relinquished her veterinary practice to pursue archaeological and historical research, first spending five years doing developmental film work with Robert Watts, a Producer of the original Indiana Jones series, before initiating the Time Trackers Film-Research project. Dr. Franey has filmed throughout North and South American, the UK and France with a focus on ancient maritime miners and sites of historical interest in South Wales.

      Some of her current work with other research organizations (including the Smithsonian), is investigating European Pre-Columbian artefacts found in North and South America. 


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