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Re: Off topic concerning videos

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  • Susan
    ... my children to see if they can help get one or two of these things on my computer. Also how to move files and other items to a DVD, which I have never
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 26, 2009

      ----Thank you Marti for the Post and detailing it, which I forwarded to my children to see if they can help get one or two of these things on my computer.  Also how to move files and other items to a DVD, which I have never done.  For some time I am getting messages my RAM and hard drive are getting to maximum capacity and don't know what to take off.  Embarrassing to be a cohost at an internet site and be learning or keeping up.

      The Caral documentary link you sent attributed the rise of possibly the oldest civilization in the Americas to riverways---for irrigation, for transportation to the mountains & the sea, and its vast trade interchanges.   Its discovery that it was a civilization that had no fortifications or warfare for over a thousand years upset many existing theories and assumptions about warfare upside down.  I believe the reasons are yet unknown.  Marti, I wonder if you or someone  might insert the link to that documentary into either Links or Files.   Maybe we should have a place for documentaries.

       Thank you again for your posts, personal interest and helpful contributions to this group!

      ----To new member w/screen name Megalodon843, since the Hooked X/Holy Gail documentary and Kensington Runestone has been mentioned here a number of times in related to navigation....I noticed a question you posed recently at another group as to where you could get a copy of Edward Laersson's 1885 alfabet.  The following names a professor who published the full runic alphabet of 27 symbols and 10 pentadic numbers: http://www.canadianmysteries.ca/sites/vinland/archives/newspaperormagazinearticle/4545en.html

      And another:  http://www.answers.com/topic/kensington-rune-full runic alphabet consisting of 27 symbols and 10 pentadic numbers. stone#The_stone_and_the_Larsson_runes  that a copy Edward Larsson's notes was published by the Institute for Dialectology, Onomastics and Folklore Research in UmeĆ„, Sweden.  Maybe someone else in the group is familar with, has studied the old texts.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Marmot <marmot.wiyaka@...> wrote:
      > This may be old news to many but I'll offer it just in case some who
      > like to watch online videos aren't aware of it.
      > Nearly all videos you watch online can be saved to your hard drive for
      > future viewing, I have a sizable collection for reference that I have
      > saved on CDs. The simple way to download if you are using the Firefox
      > web browser is to get the extension Download Helper which gives you
      > options for downloading.
      > http://www.downloadhelper.net/
      > Internet Explorer may have a similar option, I don't know since I don't
      > use it. If you have a Linux based operating system there are the same
      > options for downloading. Many times the videos you download are in a FLV
      > format so you may need to get an FLV player, there are many freeware
      > versions available online, this is a good one.
      > http://applian.com/flvplayer/
      > Or download VLC Media Player which will play just about every format
      > including DVDs, it's open source and free.
      > http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
      > And then there is all sorts of freeware to convert video formats to
      > other video formats, such as FLV to AVI, WMV, MPG, etc.
      > There is a nice piece of freeware called AoA Audio Extractor that will
      > pull the audio portion from a video and save it as an MP3 or WAV file so
      > you can listen to it on your portable player, this is handy if you wish
      > to listen to a video lecture on the go, or if you would like to save the
      > songs from videos to your MP3 music collection.
      > Marti

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