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Welcome members to the Ancient Waterways Society

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  • Susan
    (I apologize if this letter comes on in duplicate! and am new at this kind of thing) Dear Butch, Pam, and most recently Mike, I welcome you all to Ancient
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2005
      (I apologize if this letter comes on in duplicate! and am new at
      this kind of thing)

      Dear Butch, Pam, and most recently Mike,

      I welcome you all to Ancient Waterways Society. My apologies Butch
      and Pam for not having gotten to the Messages earlier. In our family
      there was a wedding, a funeral, and then a trip to a Mexico

      In founding this group, at my request following a conversation at an
      Ancient Earthworks Society meeting in Madison, Wisconsin,
      MinnesotaStan went home and generously set up our web page and group
      principles. Please read his initial letters to the group. It is my
      hope Stan can afford time to stay on as Moderator.

      I am the initial idea behind the group, lay and academic
      diffusionist researcher associates influenced the spirit behind the
      name. And please feel free to use the title with my and your own
      spirit behind the name of our global Ancient Waterways Society.

      I hope our group will be an international one, one in which we will
      carry forth the respect and mutual enhancement the PreColumbian
      Inscriptions society members offer to each other, lay and
      professional alike.

      I am not a professional, have not been highly disciplined nor well-
      read, and it is a mistake for me to carry/host an intelligent
      conversation for long. But I have oftentimes played a keen role as
      catalyst in helping to make creative diffusionist-oriented
      connections between people and complimentary resources.

      If I/we do not get to your postings promptly, I suggest hopping over
      to the lively and brilliant PreColumbian Inscriptions web page (see
      our Link). I learned about that group from MinnesotaStan after this
      web page was set up, spent two months reading hundreds of postings,
      and yesterday sent several letters until midnight introducing
      myself. I noticed the responses to me and other group members were
      so rapid that two or three postings came about between my own

      Mike, that is largely the credit and passion of you and
      PreColumbian Inscription associates, not only in your independent
      years of research, but also seemingly through four years of mutual
      enhancement via your group's broad and deep delvings into pre-
      history and dthe very ancient past. I am beginning to suspect that,
      along with our unique areas of study and research, many of us cannot
      help but also keep an eye open for clues from the ancients which
      might be enhancing, possibly essential to our current and future
      world ---- ideas and abilities which might be resurrected by a
      multitude of contemporary keepers of wisdom throughtout our world.

      Please see my letters to PreColumbian Inscriptions yesterday that
      pertain more to Ancient Waterways. I look forward to meeting you on-
      line and possibly at group meetings of several associations of which
      I am lightly affiliated.

      With Utmost Respect,
      Ancient Waterways Society
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