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Welcome 2 more members; Sunday Hanwakan even near Waupan, WI

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  • Susan
    Welcome to two more who have become members; thank you for joining. I shall be e-mailing you a Welcome letter w/list of a dozan or two members and links who
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      Welcome to two more who have become members; thank you for joining.  I shall be e-mailing you a Welcome letter w/list of a dozan or two members and links who do not mind my sharing their links and general information with newcomers.

      Thank you to Ross Hamilton for continuing further with Ohio pre-history. Thinking there are possibilities of a future informal weekend gathering open to members of this group, the Atlantic Conference, and other at the Great Serpent Mound, two of us tried to order copies of your book. Amazon.com was out of stock or sold out, so I  ordered two used copies.

      The first sixty pages of Ross' book are available free online via Google but we wanted the hard cover books n order to view the geometries discussed in the second half of the book: http://books.google.com/books?id=bhzVNWBujDEC&lpg=PA1&ots=6LuuD5uc_W&dq=mystery%20of%20the%20serpent%20mound&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q=&f=false

      Below is a newsletter from Lisa of the Ancient Earthworks Society announcing Sunday's event through the Hanwakan Center - for Prehistoric Astronomy....

      to be held this coming Sunday at the Horicon Marsh, Waupan, WI. Founder of the Center, geologist Herman Bender will be speaking.

      Hanwakan Center (Wisconsin)

      Herman Bender, Speaker-"Bear Myths and Rituals: The Moon, Women, Stars and Possible Ancient Links to Eurasia in North America." 
      Marsh Haven educational center, Horicon
      Potluck around 3
      Presentation around 5
      Herman is giving a warm-up presentation in preperation to a trip to Italy in a few weeks. The program will examine the 18.61 year, lunar maximum cycle and how it is connected with a bear effigy mound, the bear stars in the north and circumpolar (bear cult) traditions, all of which may be part of very ancient origins from the old world which spread both east and west.  As women were members of bear cults and the bear itself was said to be female, it should come as no suprise that many women were regarded as great healers and had shaministic abilities, perhaps the first people recognized as such.  The program is rich in symbolism, myth and cosmology and will approach an overall  Jungian perspective.
      A potluck is to be held, and is a great way to meet some new folks and hopefully see old friends. I'd suggest that you bring a beverage, plate and utensils for yourself, and a dish to pass.

      (920) 324-5818

      Marsh Haven Nature Center

      W10145 Hwy 49 East,  Waupun, Wisconsin 53963

      ~Susan English has passed along a site with lots of great presentations on podcast to listen to on your computer. They are from the Atlantic Conference held this year, from a number of interesting speakers. Check it out at http://www.atlanticconference.org/. Much of it has to do with pre-Columbian contact.

      The goal of the new Hanwakan Center is to help preserve not only actual physical sites, but the rich traditions, oral histories and stories which are incorporated into them. The Hanwakan Center is international in scope

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