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public forum & suggestions borrowed again from PreColumbian Inscriptions

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  • Susan
    All, As a co-host and one of the founding members here, I want to send a reminder to all, as we try to do when new members join our worldwide Ancient
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2009
      As a co-host and one of the founding members here, I want to send a reminder to all, as we try to do when new members join our worldwide Ancient Waterways Society. It is suggested members read initial Posts composed by host, MinnesotaStan when he set up this Ancient Waterways Society YahooGroup.  That can be done by clicking Messages, then Oldest .
      We have been keeping this an open communications link with Posts open for public viewing; one has to be a member to Post Messages, view Files, Photos, Set up Links,  Polls, etc. Because we are an open group, many of you may have found, as have I have when doing worldwide Internet Searches on the many topics brought up at this site, one or more posts from Ancient Waterways Society pops up, sometimes as the first reference.  An example is a topic that came up here not long ago.  A post I sent is listed as first reference in a Yahoo search on what I found to be a strong correlation between legendary references to Puk Wudjiinees, the legendary 'little people of the forest' around Lake Superior and a Youtube clip on "Puk-Wud-Jies: The Legend of the Little People"  filmed at Mounds State Park, Indiana.  And because our posts cascade if posted under a particular Subject heading, accompanying my post were those from Rick Osmon and Joe White.. And on a Google Search for Puk Wudjiinees, a Little Girl's Point, Lake Superior reference comes up first, Rick Osmon's Oopa Loopa Cafe newsletter discussing Puk Wudjiinees second, and my post third. http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=slv8-ushdl&p=Puk%20Wudjiinees&type=
      The point I am making is that we and our posts are part of the public domain, and that can be an advantage or disadvantage to the purposes of individuals and our group as a whole.  But what we can do as group members is use descretion on how we personally operate with each other here. 
      When Stan and I initially set up this group, we were also member of the PreColumbian Inscriptions YahooGroup (host/founder, Mike White), still carry much respect for that site, though now it is a closed membership and posts cannot be accessed without membership.  But Stan used many of the suggestions from that group, and have mentioned that in posts from time to time to this membership.  I continue to take a glance at the Description and wisdom within the list of many of the guidelines on the PreColumbian Inscriptions Home Page Mike White wrote for members and prospective members: 
      Two I am listing I suggest that we use here,  as guidelines, and I don't believe Mike will mind my borrowing these to include in my Post:

      -The posting of messages and links by members does not mean that all members endorse the view presented.

      -Posting of images grants permission to copy and use for study, research, and publication, with credits given. Contents of posts are to be considered copyrighted [Italics mine].

       As members of this group of many cultures, backgrounds, and avenues of interest along present and ancient global waterways, is that we treat Posts and the words of others with the utmost descretion and respect.  And that we intercommunicate with each other as people of conscience,  ethical friends and researchers, seeking permission or council first so as not to take posts out of the scientific and/or heartful context in which they were intended.  And that most of all,  we use care not to use the words or posts of others for political or legal purposes that might take kindly intentions or macro-level,  Universal views of a member/writer and into a narrow framework or unintended light.

      Sometimes Posts sent to this group get hung up by YahooGroups for precautionary purposes, especially Spam, but also, it would seem, when entire Posts are put into those which include "mailing lists".  The Post is then sent, in our group's case, to the host and two co-hosts for review.  We have had a number of such posts, mine go up there often because I insert so many links myself, which I take responsibility for.
      It is asked here that members Post letters to the group without a mailiing list of persons who are not members.  And that your relationship with this group not be merely  part of a generic group mailing covering an assortment of topics or agendas.
      The views in this post are mine and not those of the host and other co-host. May my words be made clear here, yet taken with heart, the context with which I am intending, and not cause schism. 
      Thank you,
      M. Susan Belding English, a co-host
      ... connecting people to people and to resources along ancient global waterways.
      helping us rediscover more fully the wholeness of we human beings--and all our Relations--really are.
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