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ancient Kentucky Hist logo, Wheeler petroglyphs, etc.

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    Robert and All, Below is a symbol the Ancient Kentucky Historical Assoc. uses as the logo on their newsletter. It is similar, but minus the top bar of the
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      Robert and All,

      Below is a symbol the Ancient Kentucky Historical Assoc. uses as the logo on their newsletter.  It is similar, but minus the top bar of the symbol (which could make the symbol dissimilar) on one of the partically exposed rocks/petroglyphs on the ancient ceremonial platform site near Houghton.  If the logo does not show up here, check today's Oopa Loopa Cafe Newsletter (if it can be accessed from the Oopa Loopa radioblog web page).  I am including the link to the AWS Photos section re: Robert Wheeler Petroglyphs that only Members here will be able to access showing two of petroglyphs Robert took at the site.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_waterways_society/photos/album/1823521954/pic/list

      The deep inscriptions at the two sites were found when a garden was being constructed a few years ago and the site has been left intact since awaiting scientific investigation.  It does not seem he and his recently formed Copper Country Petroglyph Conservancy have received serious interest from the academic/scientific community. 

      Last week I was helping with a formal survey of a site about thirty miles north of Robert's near Copper Harbor, petroglyphs which were shown on the recent two hour "Holy Grail" History Channel documentary on Scott Wolter's new book on the Hooked X.....  Atop the rocky site, Dr. Scherz and I ran into Jay Wakefield (Washington) and two other post-AAPS Conference attendees who had with them photos of two apparently newly found glphys.  One was a deep imprint of a hand larger than an average adult male and very long fingers, seemingly not due to erosion, reminded me of the imprinted plaster casts many of us made in kindergarten for our moms.  The other photo showed a large mossy "eye" which looked to me similar to an Eye of Horus/RA.  We were told the photos were shot at an undisclosed site 3/4 of a mile away into a roadless, brushy, craggy, rocky wilderness terraine.  Jay, co-author of "How the SunGod Reached America: A Guide to Megalithic Sites" said he will include the photos and his interpretations and how he feels they relate to the Copper Harbor, the Wheeler site petroglyphs, and others in his soon to be released second book.  
             Zena, Chris, William C.,  and some of you other epigraphers, please comment, if you wish, on some of the inscriptions that members are and may be sending.  I and at least a few others here have little more than a basic understanding of epigraphy.  If too, there is great interest in this topic, perhaps for those more versed in the subject who might wish to attract members interested only in epigraphy, you might consider a spring-off group, too.  My opinion is that this work so far very much relates to ancient global waterways. I personally look forward to more, especially those of you willing to teach some of the basics.


      Ancient Kentucke Historical Association


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