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Welcome Randy from Ohio/West Virginia

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    Welcome to Randy from the Ohio/W. Virginia region of the US who is our 60th member here. We have a few from Ohio who are authors, reserachers well known for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2009
      Welcome to Randy from the Ohio/W. Virginia region of the US who is our 60th member here. We have a few from Ohio who are authors, reserachers well known for their efforts and impact worldwide.  Feel free to introduce yourself, let us know some of your interests, how you heard about our group, etc. 
      I sometimes send interested newcomers an introductory email message with suggestions and a list of a dozen or two Ancient Waterways Society members who do not mind my sharing their public web sites, links, regions/countries of residence, etc.....which I will email to Randy and recent newcomer Cas from Arizona.  If any other new or other members here would like a copy or update of the list, please let me know.  And if anyone would like their screen names, links, web sites, etc. added to the Welcome Newcomers email, please let me know.  I believe increased common ground, intercommunications and collaborative efforts among individuals within groups become, the more synergy that comes from a collective efforts. 
      Out of town/state most of this month and last caused me to miss Rick's Oopa Loopa Cafe interview again last week with member,  Ross Hamilton, "News from theh Great Serpent Mound" :
      Lee Pennington telephoned me from Kentucky soon after returning from the AAPS Conference in Marquette (MI), said Ross' interview was one of the finest he has listened to.   Lee was getting ready for a his Atlantic Conference Podcast which he will do with Ancient Kentucky Historical Society members. 
      As many will be doing, Lee had connected his computer to a large screen TV and is expecting a lively gathering.  And no doubt some good home-cooked Appalachian vittles. 
      For newcomers at Ancient Waterways, our group has quieted down a lot, continues to be the preference of members to be an "informational" site than disucssion group, so please keep posting notices, links, research, data which relates to ancient or old watereways to the site.  Many of our members are also speakers, sponsors, supporters, founders, etc. of the AtlanticConference.org which is already engaged in the free 2009 online conference, which will be "Live",  interactive, and have open phone lines and chat line throughout this coming weekend, October 9, 10, 11th.  Check the Home Page and other links top of the page for more information.  The next several days I will be moving my attention over to that group and join in with those of you from Ancient Waterways and many other groups who are participating.  Thanks to members Steve St. Clair and Rick Osman for countless hours of work and your own expense organizing this fine conference which is without cost to all.  For those not wanting to participate alone this weekend, there are a number of friendly Podcasts throughout the world for people to join.  http://www.atlanticconference.org/index.html 
      Hope to see you 'there'....from a quiet laddertop in Central Wisconsin painting windows and eaves, tuned into the conference with you' for the weekend.  
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