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From member Jen Cupples site: Columbus was not first. The Atlantic Conference

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  • Susan
    All, I received the following email newsletter in my AOL mailbox from an Ancient Waterways member who lives in a town just below the bridge in Lower
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      I received the following email newsletter in my AOL mailbox from an Ancient Waterways member who lives in a town 'just below the bridge' in Lower Michigan.  Knowing some of her involvements, traveling ancient global waterways engaged in many of her efforts, reminds me this group encompasses folks working predominantly with physical sites, artifacts and the 'hard' sciences.  But here too within the group are those living and researching within the many levels of the esoteric, the Arts,  Humanities, metaphsics and quantum sciences.  A number of members here post rarely post to the AWS site directly.  Jen sets up activities, conferences, sends out correspondence and newsltters to a very large network of people and groups.  Here is one I do not believe she will mind my sending where Ancient Waterways Society and the Atlantic Conference are listed.  sent to a large following of people who would not otherwise know anything about our groups, activities, and research many here are doing.  Included in her newsletter also is a favorite YouTube National Geographic interview of Niven Sinclair that I found accidently after the Atlantic Conference and posted here last fall.  I love it because it portrays the supreme integrity, modesty, and charming personality of Niven Sinclair the Elder who is at the heart of the Atlantic Conference.
      Thanks, Jen.

      l0/9 Columbus was not first. The Atlantic Conference

      This research and Information,
      about Columbus was not first is of course,
      in my humble opinion,
      history in the making.
      m y appreciation goes to the
      sinclair family for their work
      and extensive studies.
      Also, my gratitude is given
      to susan english, ancient
      waterways society, for her and
      her group's dedication to bringing
      to us and the world the truth.
      my friendship with susan has
      brought me my own seeking of
      the truth and has enriched my
      life on its journey.

      10/9 Columbus was not first.
      from susan english, ancient waterways
      society, 8/09---
      In part, Niven Sinclair,  

      A descendant of Jesus

      being interviewed by
      National Geographic
      Jennifer Cupples
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