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Fw: More 7's, from Rabbi Lazer Brody

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  • joe white
    Wado equa Rabbi Wolf Brother, Sitting Owl ... From: Lazer Brody To: joe white Sent: Saturday, September
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2009
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      Wado equa Rabbi Wolf Brother,
      Sitting Owl
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      Sent: Saturday, September 05, 2009 4:30 PM
      Subject: Re: More 7's

      Dear Sitting Owl,
      The plot is thickening: the 3 below are right out of the Torah:
      7 Year of Jubilee,
      7 Days of purification,
      7 times full emersion in water, daily for the men.
      If you add the hand and the eye, the sacred south proof I sent you, and the Hanukka mound, the puzzle is just about complete. Blessings always, Wolf Brother 
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