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Re: Was Columbus 100% Portuguese?

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  • james m. clark jr.
    Historically speaking it is a bit ironic, but as far as an assumption that someone is 100% anything is a bit one-sided. However there were better barter deals.
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      Historically speaking it is a bit ironic, but as far as an assumption
      that someone is 100% anything is a bit one-sided. However there were
      better barter deals.

      Colon (Columbus) being a Jew more than likely knew of the ancient tin
      mines that Herodotus himself had not the faintest idea from where the
      empire recieved it, according to Herodotus in his day, from what
      island(s)tin came from as well as made a pre-columbian comment about
      the earth being round in the same paragraph I believe. I have Joyce's
      version of "The Greek Way" but it's in two sections and I gave away my
      book binder.

      At any rate, one possible tin mine, by tradition I assume is on the
      east coast of England that is said to have been once called "Jews
      Mine" or something like that.

      Perhaps some sort of conspiracy or an agreement was involved
      against that within secret societies involving the good name of Rome,
      Portugal Spain and England whom had the tin that was much needed in
      west at the time of conquest, and fabricated a Columbus tradition for
      a "Merica" name. For Spain, it would have also given them a good name
      dispite earlier Islamic infuences that some modern historians have the
      idea that under Islamic controlled regions was actually a "safe haven"
      for Jews (Canton for instance which can be found to this day in a
      local booksamillion...in the south anyways). However many kindoms of
      Europe depended on Jewish funds as well as education. No debt is
      better than an old debt.

      For over 700 year the works of a Jew was considered to be fundamental
      for christion thinkers, suposedly it was the work of an anonymous
      christain author called "The Fountain..." it is also said in Bryan
      Magee's idea of western philosophy that the work of RaMBaM
      (Maimonides)was just as fundamental for Christian thinkers, however if
      I'm not mistaken that same book was intended for Islamic thinkers
      because they were having trouble understanding Aristotle, which was
      burned by Jews just prior to the 4th inquisition intended for the
      Lumbard revolt... with good reason knew that they (the Jews) would be
      next in line to be crushed, because of that very same work by RaMBaM.
      As far as pre-colubian ideas of Rome to save some, it was also believe
      that Native Americans were Caanites...save some but send the rest a
      plague etc ect.

      be well,

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      <ozman@...> wrote:
      > jamey,
      > I thought Columbus was Genovese, not Portugese...??
      > I am not convinced that he went to Iceland, but he did sail several
      > times to Bergen, Norway on the then very well established trade route
      > for dried fish. Supposedly, on at least two of these trips, he
      > encountered North American funeral boats carried over on the Gulf
      > Stream, so he knew there was something in the west.
      > He probably also had maps gained from Irish, Norse, or Germanic
      > cartographers. He somehow knew that the currents off the west coast of
      > Africa went in the correct direction. Who told him that? He had never
      > been there before 1492, so it wasn't firsthand knowledge.
      > Five hundred fifteen years later, he is still credited for a
      > "discovery" that amounted to little more than stealing other people's
      > secrets and using other people's knowledge.
      > Oz
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      > <jameyboy@> wrote:
      > >
      > > http://www.apol.net/dightonrock/columbus_was_100_portuguese.htm
      > >
      > > I recall an article I read over a decade ago that stated that Columbus
      > > was a Spanish Jew. Of course, this was an assumption, however what
      > > some early scholars suggested regarding Columbus visitation to Iceland
      > > seems somewhat comical as well, I'm not even aware of such a suggetion
      > > following 1943. It is one of the few times I would agree with the
      > > majority of historians, but on the other hand this would explain the
      > > intimate knowledge of a so called Columbus, but if history can be
      > > decoded like Ancient Runes, it would make more sense if he was
      > > Portuguese and knew a lot more other than the Portuguese nautical
      > > chart of 1424.
      > >
      > > Now if the Harvard classics would just lose the word "monster" history
      > > would be just a little bit more clearer concerning his letter
      > > concerning translation.
      > >
      > > http://www.aslongas.itrini.com
      > > http://nefertamu.tripod.com/joca.html
      > >
      > > be well,
      > > jamey
      > >
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