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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] The Cherokee, 7th Heaven

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  • Ross Hamilton
    Lazer, Joe, and waterways folk You men sweeten my soul! How fine that an owl and rabbi can exchange like this! The knowledge is priceless, but I wonder if too
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      Lazer, Joe, and waterways folk
      You men sweeten my soul! How fine that an owl and rabbi can exchange like this! The knowledge is priceless, but I wonder if too few people understand the structure for the tree of life, its angelic spheres, and the resonance with native mysticism regarding the planes of life. I have many questions, but no time to ask them yet. Yet it is a certainty that the traditional (kabbalistic) system was rigorously attended to among the ancestors of our native people. 
      Was the garden here?

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      Osyio, Sitting Owl!
      Fantastic! That's striaght out of Jewish esoteric thought (Kabbala) which describes the 7 horizons until you reach the Heavenly throne.
      This together with the sacred direction of south are big pieces of the puzzle. Blessings and warm regards, LB
      Let the Beams brighten your day

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      Subject: 7th Heaven
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      Date: Friday, September 4, 2009, 3:18 AM

      O'siyo Rabbi Wolf Brother,
      We have found in the ancient oral history of the Cherokee
      the "7 Heavens",  the 1st is at the tree tops, 2nd up a little higher,
      3rd,4th,5th,6th, still higher.  the 7th Heaven is with The Creator.
      Is there anything in the Jewish Law, and history that would apply,
      to this 7 Heavens in the Cherokee oral history?
      Hope you, and yours are Well,
      Gah gey you e,
      Sitting Owl

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