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Gloria Farley chapter: "They Came in Ships"

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  • beldingenglish
    Interesting article They Came in Ships (Chapter 2) in a book by the late Gloria Farley that many here may find interesting:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2009

      Interesting article "They Came in Ships" (Chapter 2) in a book by the late Gloria Farley that many here may find interesting:  http://www.gloriafarley.com/chap2.htm 

      Some intersted in inscriptions might also enjoy Chapter 3, "They Signed Their Names"

      Farley's Home Page w/extracts from remaining chapters,  and other links: http://www.gloriafarley.com/        "In Plain Sight"

      Old World Records in Ancient America


      book available@


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