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Welcome William Connor of Midwestern Epigraphic Society, Ohio

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  • Susan
    Welcome to William Connor, from Ohio. William has been an officer and currently on the Board of Trustees for Midwestern Epigraphic Society in Columbus. He is
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      Welcome to William Connor, from Ohio.  William has been an officer and currently on the Board of Trustees for Midwestern Epigraphic Society in Columbus. He is known well as a dedicated diffusionist researcher using sound scientific methods, prolific writer, web host/interconnector, and friend to a few members or onlookers at Ancient Waterways Society.

      Many of you who have been around this site, the Thor group, PreColumbian Inscriptions and other sites for a few years recall references made or links posted about William Connor's work...especially on iron furnaces, possible copper smelting.  Unfortunately because of changes in Yahoogroups, there is no longer Search access to our archives from the first few years  years here, and one has to hunt and peck.  William not too many months ago kindly sent a reply in regard to a possible iron? furnace I believe in Texas from someone else's site.

      William's work, initially with Arlington Mallery is unparalleled, and he will have to let us know when his book Iron Age America will be released. Hopefully the information on the following link with sign-up notification sheet is current; otherwise please inform us.  I personally will be very interested in getting a copy.  http://ironageamerica.com/ 

      Here are other web sites I ran across, which include more articles, then I will let William and possibly Zena and others add additional information at a future time.  They, Barry Fell and others  go back quite a long time and continue to open the scope and minds of many researchers, and will impact us long into the future.



      Other members here, please do not be shy about posting background information, ideas, articles, books, or your own web links following your salutation. It also helps to get an idea of nearby waterways where you have lived, explored, etc.

      Warm greetings to you,William!

      Susan, a co-host

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