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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Omahkiyaahkohtoohp and the Covenant League of Five Nations

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  • joe white
    O siyo Brothers, and sisters, The 50 Chiefs is no accident. 7 X 7= 49 plus 1= 50 Jubilee. See jubilee stone at
    Message 1 of 9 , Jul 17, 2009
      O'siyo Brothers, and sisters,
      The 50 Chiefs is no accident.
      7 X 7= 49  plus 1= 50  Jubilee.
      See jubilee stone at   www.centralbandofcherokee.org  
      Gah gey you e,
      Sitting Owl
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      Subject: Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Omahkiyaahkohtoohp and the Covenant League of Five Nations


      Hi Vince,
      I have held your question in mind for a while to see if it would link up.
      There are many medicne wheel formations and sacred circles out west. The Dene who travelled from the south (the same as the original Iroquoian people) may have been part of these old markings before they got pushed further into the hills. They were certainly very versed at weaving and the making of belts. Yet the Lakota, Cree and others also became quite skilled at this.
      The sacred circles could just be common to understanding and respecting the soul as the centre of creation. When the soul of the people is held sacred and in plain view then our destiny is shared.
      As other speakers at the Atlantic Conference explained the circles and markings over the last 10,000 years or more are a shared tradition with parallels in time and space with the old world. Yet only a few understand, or have the mind to hold these at bay from the modern world. Whether the peacemaker drew on the old Egyptian record keeping or the Arthurian or the Incan the soul is still in the same place in our holy of holiest spaces near our heart with our sacredness of purpose in this creation world.
      I don't know if that answers your enquiry yet it what my heart dished up for words.
      Best to all,
      Martin Carriere

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      Subject: [ancient_waterways_ society] Re: Omahkiyaahkohtoohp and the Covenant League of Five Nations
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      This particular wampum is very alluring as a relative of quipu/Khipu



      Inca Khipu: An Inca khipu, top, and a khipu at the American Museum of Natural History. The only possible Incan example of encoding and recording information could have been cryptic knotted strings, which are unlike anything that sailors or Eagle Scouts tie.

      --- In ancient_waterways_ society@yahoogro ups.com, "Vince" <v_barrows@.. .> wrote:
      > All;
      > In a visit to the Seneca and Iroquois National Museum this weekend, I noticed the Charter of the League of the Five Nations, an important Wampum Belt. The belt reminded me of Omahkiyaahkohtoohp (Canada's Stonehenge).
      > I have scanned a photo of the charter and chapter relating to it, attached to this link:
      > http://s243. photobucket. com/albums/ ff280/Marburg72/ Pennsylvania/ ?action=view&current=Charterofth eLeagueofFiveNat ions.jpg
      > "This is a record of the foundation of the Confederacy when it was formed around 1452 (or much earlier) by the great peacemaker and his helper Ayonwatha (Hiawatha). Of all Iroquois wampum records, this is the most sacred. Each of the fifty strings represents one of the chiefs of the original Five Nations, the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas and Senacas. When the Confederacy was formed, the Peacemaker had each of the fifty chiefs join hands in a circle, and he ordained that all should be of equal rank and carry individual titles. So that they should never forget their titles and their positions in the Council House, this wampum record was made."
      > Is it possible that the aerial view of the Majorville Medicine Wheel is part of this record?
      > Please let me know if you have any comments;
      > Vince Barrows

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