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PBS Time Team America. Online video in full Topper Site, S. Carolina

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  • Susan
    All, A few months before last August s Atlantic Conference-Halifax I joined the NSExplore Yahoogroup (Exploring Nova Scotia). This AM ran across a post to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2009
      A few months before last August's Atlantic Conference-Halifax I joined the  NSExplore Yahoogroup (Exploring Nova Scotia).  This AM ran across a post to that group from Nova Scotian, Terry Deveau,  also a member here.  You may recall that Terry led five days of field trips in Nova Scotia following the conference.
      Terry brought up a new PBS series, "Time Team America" which any of you may view in full online.  If anyone at Ancient Waterways has been to or researched the Topper Site in SC, please post. 
      See main Time Team America web site; I have included the link to the full online video programming.  There is excellent discussion with maps of water level, waterway changes, migrations during and since the last ice age.  Even mention of something like the boat (video---Nanook?) Ted Sojka sent to the group soon after he joined last year.  Ted might want to resurrect that link for us to click into again.
      Some of what I am hearing within this online scientific documentary strongly coincides with teachings I have been learned of from my longtime Miq'Mac friend in Quebec who said his ancestors at least 30,000  years ago navigated their families by boats between coastal areas around what we call Nova Scotia warm weather months and rivers, coasts, islands around "Florida", the Caribbean, and MesoAmerican Yucatan during cold weather months .  Hunts was first to inspire me more than two decades ago to begin this quest into our ancient human origins.  And wisdom, legacies long forgotten which others besides myself may be seeking to bring back into our lives and perhaps the broken world we live in today.  MSE    

      This week on Time Team America (PBS):
      Topper, South Carolina
      Time Team America visits the deep woods of South Carolina to search for evidence of North America's first human inhabitants [possibly up to 50,000 years ago\.
      Watch it Online  ...the full Topper episode on the PBS Video Portal.
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