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St. Clair Research-The Sinclair/St. Clair DNA Study-See Video Clip

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  • Susan
    I was honored last August to have assisted, though in small measure, Steve St. Clair and other founders in putting on the Atlantic Conference in Halifax, Nova
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2009
      I was honored last August to have assisted, though in small measure,  Steve St. Clair and other founders in putting on the Atlantic Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Deeply impacted by the program, the speakers, organizers, and attendees from around the world that I continue to include the link to the Atlantic Conference w/Your Tube clip within my salutation.  I look forward to the weekend-long online Atlantic Conference coming up in October and hope many at this web site will participate and perhaps even host a "Pod Cast" from your home.
      I shall ask Ancient Waterways members Steve and Stan Sinclair, Rick Osman, and others to keep us updated on details for the upcoming conference, the pre- and post-conference field trips and other activities that will be going on around the world.
      This virtual Atlantic Conference has been a frequent topic on the Oopa Loopa Cafe BlogRadio program Thursday nights hosted by Rick Osman.  Frequent call-in radio guests are Steve St. Clair and Vince Barrows, who will be undertaking a Podcast from his home in New Orleans are frequent guests on Rick's show.   Currently, my Atlantic Conference 6 DVD set from August has been circulating by Media Mail along with a number of books, Pennington DVD's (The Mound Builders, etc.) to Ancient Waterways members.  Vince has included a number of his own in the package which is en route to Ted Sojka. We have not had anyone speak up to be next on the list to receive the package; you only need to email Ted Sojka with your mailing address, then let the group know you are next.  Viewing the AC DVD's would provide an opportuniity to hear all speaker sessions from the August conference , especially beneficial for you who are considering becoming involved in the online October Atlantic Conference.the August conference.  If no one else is interested, Ted will return the books and tapes to Vince and myself. 
      It is my pleasure to announce a new web site of two of our members on "The First Comprehensive St. Clair / Sinclair DNA Report",  which was put up in March, 2009 but I only now discovered. Bottom of the Home Page is a six minute video clip with Steve St. Clair.
      "Click Here for the Latest" includes a paragraph on the upcoming Atlantic Conference: http://www.stclairresearch.com/content/news.html
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