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Loaner books & DVD's circulating to AWS members via MediaMail continues

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  • Susan
    All, The DVD s, books w/many additons from Vince are en route New Orleans to Iowa now. Those who wish to be next, please write to this site so we know who is
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 13, 2009


      The DVD's, books w/many additons from Vince are en route New Orleans to Iowa now.  Those who wish to be next, please write to this site so we know who is interested.  But next one on the list, please email your mailing address to Ted Sojka.  Susan (note from Vince today below. I added a * to the DVD's & books he has added.  See original message below his list for description of my DVD's & books):

      Thanks again for the loaner books and DVDs. I sent them to Ted Sojka this morning via media mail. Also added a few goodies of my own too.

      The list of DVDs includes:
      1. Atlantic Conference 2008
      2. Democracy - A mi'kmaq perspective
      3. *The Early History of the Illinois Indians
      4. *Bannerstones: An Ancient Native American art tradition
      5. Tunnel of Time - Lee and Joy Pennington
      6. Mound Builders - Lee and Joy Pennington

      The list of Books includes:
      1. The mystery cave of many faces
      2. The lost pyramids of Rock Lake
      3. Mystery people of the Cove
      4. *Atlantis in Wisconsin by Frank Joseph
      5. *Material Culture of Key Marco
      6.  *History of Monks Mound

      Hope that you enjoy them and if anyone else is interested, please forward them along. I would like the ones I added to be returned when everyone is finished.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      Intended months ago, I finally sent a package of books and DVD's
      on-loan to Vince Barrows last week. He will then mail the DVD's to the
      next Ancient Waterways member(s) who posts a request at this group site.
      Media Mail rate for the box of books and DVD's was about $4. Sending
      the DVD's to each other will be probably half that. I ask that you pay
      postage to the next iuterested person, or back to me:
      Susan English--1045 St. Austin Aveuue--Wausau, WI 54403

      Vince, let me know when the package arrives and who or if anyone else is
      interested in borrowing the DVD's for a couple of weeks. With the next
      'virtial" online Atlantic Conference coming up in early October 2009, 
      many here may wish to view the six DVD's of the conference speakers. 
      Sponsors and speakers include half a dozen Ancient Waterways Society
      members who were very involved with the conference held last August, and
      will be again:
      1. 6-set DVD's of the Atlantic Conference-Halifax 

      For newcomers  unfamiliar with the AC in Nova Scotia, see YouTube:

      2.  2 DVD's by members Lee & Joy Pennington. See JoLeProductions for
      details of the two documentaries I have circulating:

      -- "The Mound Builders" , 51 mins.
      -- "A Tribute to Marion Dahm" (Viking & KRS researcher) 22 mins.
      3.   A DVD for the first three who want one of these, as the package
      circulates: "A Mi'kmaq Perspective" (DVD); filmed at a rustic Nova
      Scotia lodge and example of excellent dialogue between several Mi'kmaq
      representatives and former Premiers, members of Parliament. Or, free
      copies can be mailed to you through Moira @

      I hope to have the Atlantic Conference DVD's and Pennington tapes back
      by first week in August as will be showing them informally throught a
      three day weekend within a large canvas teepee in the Keweenaw Peninsula
      during the metaphysical "People's Fair" August 7, 8, 9, 2009 at
      Prospectors Paradise Rock Shop (Admission for weekend $1.00). 

      Books circulating: 
      The Mystery Cave of Many Faces: First in a Series on the Saga of
       Burrows' Cave
      (Hardcover) by Fred Rydholm & Russell Burrows

      2.  Rock Art Pieces from Burrow's Cave: Vol. 1
      by Dr. James P. Scherz, Prof. Emeritis, UW-Madison School of Engineering
      (scroll to description via Ancient American Book Store):


      M. Susan English
      1045 St. Austin Avenue
      Wausau, WI 54403
      715 212 5659 CP
      AAPS-Rydholm Postcard for Float Copper & Keweenaw museum land:

      "The ancient scientific and spiritual wisdom that has shaped our past and still influences our future is part of a forgotten and often hidden system that reaches back beyond the current established religions, further than Ancient Egypt into an age where Mankind lived in harmony with Nature."

      Crichton Miller (UK) from his book The Golden Thread of Time

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