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from Copper Harbor, MI shores

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  • Susan
    Thank you, Rick for putting June Rydholm s Powerpoint photos into a group file; I deleted my failed attempt. Myh appreciation too, Ted and Vince, for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2009

      Thank you, Rick for putting June Rydholm's Powerpoint photos into a group file; I deleted my failed attempt.  Myh appreciation too,   Ted and Vince,  for sending the web site for the copper coiled snake artifact found in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula but which is in an Iowa museum.

      I am still in Copper Harbor, extended my stay after touring here with Dr. John White from the Midwestern Epigraphic Society in Ohiok, and his wife.  They left yesterday AM for Bayfield;  hopefully will ferry today to the Apostle (Madeline) Islands before heading to Duluth, a Minneapolis art museum and to meet Scott Wolter early this week.

      Lake Superior water temperatures are still in the higher 30's Farenheit but I am mustering up the courage to undertake  a three hour kayak trip along the northernmost tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula/Fault this afternoon.  Even wearing a wet suit, I hope  I don't flip into the water, as happens with me often on quiet lakes.   

      I found a wonderful web site sitting here in front of the Minnetonka museum waiting for a weather break....this site belongs to someone named Doug and I see he has listed the web sites of at least two of our members, Herb Wagner and David Johnson: 


      I can appreciate Doug being  inclusive of rational and scientific 'diffusionist' views but not afraid to also include fair, well-presented critiques,  too, at his site.   I sent an invitation to Doug to join Ancient Waterways and/or the Atlantic Conference efforts and introduce himself. 

      I am behind the counter at the Minnetonka resort helping the owners get into Herb 's, Doug's and David's web sites...so will close for now.  Sorry for the disjointedness of this post.


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