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  • Vincent Barrows
    The following is some interesting new information regarding the Lakin Tablets. The lakin tablets can be seen on my website:
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      The following is some interesting new information regarding the Lakin Tablets.
      The lakin tablets can be seen on my website:
      Vince Barrows

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      Subject: Re: Lakin Tablets
      To: "Vincent Barrows" <v_barrows@...>
      Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009, 5:25 PM

      Dear Mr. Barrows,
      Thank you for your email and for changing my father's name.  It is nice for my father to have recognition for his find.
      My father is 87 years old and currently in a nursing home.  The collection, including the tablets, are still in our family's possession.  My father and uncle (Roland Barnett, another collector) thoroughly documented each and every find.
      Often my father sketched each artifact and the exact placement of the artifact along with depth measurements, excavation notes, etc.  We do have photos also, but it would be some time before I would be able to locate these and use them with dad's permission.
      Since my father has been in the nursing home, my brother, mother and I have agreed to leave everything of my dad's exactly as it was when he left the home for the nursing care center.  We do this because dad has senile dementia and gets extremely upset when "his" things are moved.  At times he has perfect memory and he does still recognize all of us.  But, unfortunately, many times his memory is confused.
      We are thankful dad was so very thorough in his documentation of this history, otherwise, when he is gone, that history would have been also.
      Several years ago, we had a disastrous fire that destroyed and ruined approximately 1/2 of our collection.  Luckily, the tablets and other major finds, along with all documentation, were kept safe elsewhere.
      The property the tablets were found on were belonged to my grandparents which sets on top of a mound.  They were digging the basement for the house when they started coming across artifacts.  This property was recently sold, but we continued to find numerous projectile points, etc. from the site.  I believe there were approximately 3 mounds on that property.  I helped excavate one in the early '80s and of course, the one the tablets were found in, was way before my time.  I was born in 1960.
      This history has been a part of my family since the early 1940's.  I took my daughter's when they were babies and put them on a blanket while we excavated, lol.  My late uncle also had a fantastic collection and often he, dad and I took part in local club shows, lectured students, etc.  Some of my best memories are from these times.
      As I previously stated, it will be some time before I will be able to locate the photos and documentation, as I will have to wait until my brother comes home from Virginia to bring my dad home for the day.  Hopefully, dad will be in a good frame of mind to discuss this with him and also with my brother.
      Thank you for your study and research in this area, as it is so important for us to find out what we can for future generations.
      Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 8:37 AM
      Subject: Re: Lakin Tablets

      Dear Dianna ;
      Thank you for contacting me regarding the Lakin Tablets. The entableture website has been updated with the correct spelling of your father's name. Everette W. Schwartz made an important discovery that will never be forgotten.
      The story of the discovery that I have is that the Lakin tablets were associated with eight projectile points, mostly 3-4 inches long, two lumps of black graphite, and a white cone. The tablets were found about the surface of the ground, and a black circle of dirt was noted at the base of the mound.
      Is this account accurate and is there any way that I could obtain photographs of the tablets and the associated finds? A photograph or drawing of the projectile points associated with the find would help to determine an accurate date of these tablets.
      Please let me know if we may discuss any further information about this discovery.  It is important to document as much accurate information about these finds as possible.
      Thank you;
      Vince Barrows


      Subject: Lakin Tablets
      To: v_barrows@...
      Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009, 7:06 AM

      I noticed your site on the various tablets.  My father is Everette W. Schwartz, the finder and owner of the Lakin Tablets.  Would you please be so kind as to change his name to the proper spelling of "EVERETTE W. SCHWARTZ".  Thank you.


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