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This Week's Show: Major Powell, Major Pain

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  • Rick Osmon
    Investigating pre-Columbian contact, lost races, ancient astronomy, navigation, and migration, cultural oddities, associated diffusion evidence and the truly
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      Investigating pre-Columbian contact, lost races, ancient astronomy, navigation, and migration, cultural oddities, associated diffusion evidence and the truly unexplainable. Oh, and the odd musician, band, or comedian may stop by. Some are really odd…


      Hello Loopers, Yoopers, and Scoopers 




      In this issue:


      This Week's Show:  Major Powell, Major Pain



      Op/Ed:  Only Two Hundred Twenty Years


      This Day in History1789 U.S. constitution goes into effect


      Possum Holler News Ugh! Machinery!


      Other news: 

      'Oldest pottery' found in China


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      Last week's show:   Mystic and Mysterious Scripts


      Site of the week    Giants, Myth or Reality?






      This Week's Show:   Major Powell, Major Pain

      John Wesley Powell Second Director of the United States Geological Survey. Served from 1881-1894. Portrait taken early in his term of office as Director.

      Second Director of the United States Geological Survey. Served from 1881-1894. Portrait taken early in his term of office as Director.

      Born March 24, 1834 (1834-03-24)
      Mount Morris, New York Died September 23, 1902 (1902-09-24) (age 68)

      Major John Wesley Powell was a war hero, an explorer, an accomplished linguist, and the person who, almost single-handedly,  established ethnology as a science. He is also the main reason that the "Columbus First" doctrine exists. We'll examine the man, his upbringing, his career and adventures, and the reasons he might have pursued this agenda.



      Op/Ed:    Only Two Hundred Twenty Years


      That's how long the Constitution of the United States of America has been in effect. In terms of the history of mankind, that's not even the blink of an eye. In terms of "modern history", it's an event or, at most, an historical period. But in terms of humankind, it's a seminal document, a covenant between a people and their government. The actions that followed it, the enactment of the so called Bill of Rights, is equally important as a model of governmental behavior towards its citizens. Unfortunately, current politicians, both in the US and elsewhere, think, wrongly, that they are smarter, more sophisticated, and better educated in the needs of people than were the framers of that document. Actually, it started long before the present bunch of official hoodlums. And that's why the framers included the Supreme Court, to nullify laws and acts that violated the terms of the Constitution, just as they ruled last June in Heller v. District of Columbia.


      The coming months and years could very well see a case go before the Courts to determine the present validity and exact meaning of the Tenth Amendment. That case, in a secondary effect, will likely underscore the original purpose of the Second Amendment.


      This section is for you, the audience. You are welcome to contribute to it. Submit your "stuff" to





      This Date, June 4th

      1070 Roquefort cheese created in a cave near Roquefort, France
      1391 Mob led by Ferrand Martinez surrounds and sets fire to Jewish quarter of Seville Spain, surviving Jews sold into slavery
      1487 Lord Lovell and John de la Poles army land at Furness Lancashire
      1666 Battle at Duinkerk: English vs Dutch fleet
      1783 Montgolfier brothers launch 1st hot-air balloon, unmanned
      1789 U.S. constitution goes into effect
      1896 Henry takes his 1st Ford through streets of Detroit
      1929 George Eastman demonstrates 1st Technicolor movie (Rochester New York)
      1963 1st transmission of "Pop Go the Beatles" on BBC radio
      1964 Beatles "World Tour" begins in Copenhagen Denmark

      Possum Holler News

      Ugh! Machinery!

      Pat hates it that I'm "right all the time".
      In this case, I do too. The air conditioner on her car was working intermittently, I concluded that the electric clutch that couples the engine power to the the AC's compressor was acting up and that a replacement would be in the hundreds of dollars. The mechanic agreed on both counts. Then the mower started slinging crankcase oil everywhere. Then, while taking the mower to the shop on a trailer,  my truck began ...well you can see why I'm fed up with all things mechanical.
      Weather turned off cooler here the past couple days. At least the basement/ studio / bunker/ man cave is drying out some.
      Pat's at the mechanic's shop now, waiting for her car so she and her friend and go to Memphis for a short holiday. I hope she brings me back a piece of Bealle Street.



      Other news:  'Oldest pottery' found in China


      Pennsylvania's Meadowcroft Rockshelter


      Rising sea levels: Survival tips from 5000 BC

      Temple timbers trace collapse of Mayan culture

      New Hominid 12 Million Years Old Found In Spain, With 'Modern' Facial Features

      Mammoths Roasted in Prehistoric Kitchen Pit


      Just in:

      Deep-sea explorers may lose vast treasure to Spain



      Events: Send your organization's events to  oz@...


      Ancient Kentucke Historical Association


      June 21, 2:30 PM                                 Marilyn Michael's home

      AKHA Meeting

      Lee Pennington will present a program on the Peterborough  (Canada) Petroglyphs.  Some have said that these petroglyphs, especially the boat figures, represent European vessels.  The petroglyphs have been compared with those in Scandinavia.  Also, the late Barry Fell translated the name of a Scandinavian king associated with one of the petroglyphs.


      June 27, 2:00 PM              Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center 

      Ancient History Film Series: Tunnel of Time (A Tribute to Marion Dahm)

      This is a JoLe Productions film by Lee and Joy Pennington. The showing at the Falls will be the Indiana premiere.

                  Marion Dahm was the dean of grassroots Viking research in the United States.  For more than half his life, he pursued the burning question—did the Norsemen penetrate the interior of North America?  He tracked down every lead for bits and pieces of evidence—artifacts such as bronze spear points, iron axes, Medieval swords.   Most of all he was constantly on the trail of the mysterious triangular shaped holes which he was certain were mooring holes and evidence, he felt, was the calling card of the Vikings.  He, with the help of all sorts of people, located over 400 of these holes which he photographed and recorded. Believing the Kensington Rune Stone was an authentic document of history, for more than forty years Marion scuba dived in Norway Lake where he had information that another, similar rune stone existed.


       Tunnel of Time gives a glimpse of the man whose very destiny was to search for the Vikings, a people traditional archaeologists and historians say couldn't possibly exist in the place that Marion found much evidence to suggest otherwise.  
      Editor's Note: I've seen this film and I highly encourage others to do the same.


      Last week's show:  Mystic and Mysterious Scripts



       Site of the week:  GiantsMyth or Reality?

      (Patrick Cooke, author of the above site, will be a future guest discussing this subject on Unraveling the Secrets)

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