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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] The future of the Ancient Waterways Society

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  • Ted Sojka
    Thanks for the advice Stan. Sometimes we don t know what we have and shoot off ideas not knowing the problems have been solved. Twykiwdbi is a great blog. At
    Message 1 of 2 , May 23, 2009
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      Thanks for the advice Stan.

      Sometimes we don't know what we have and shoot off ideas not knowing the problems have been solved.

      Twykiwdbi is a great blog.

      At your suggestion I listened to Monette, director of the Copper Culture Museum near Oconto on the web radio that you recommended. 
      She is a very lively speaker and very interested in her mission.  She has written several historical books and is working on another.

      The park use to be called the Copper Culture Mounds Park, but the Mound is deleted as it was a natural formation that was used for burials.

      I am thinking for those in the copper culture of today like Jeff Bennettt, and the followers of Fred Rydholm, that some brochure which could also be a web page on one of the sites you mentioned would produce visitors with interest to follow a trail North  to the Copper areas of the great lakes.   The brochure is produced on the same software as the webpages I was told or that it was easy to go back and forth between the two setups.  

      This burial ground is considered by the Menominee to be part of their sacred grounds.  They do a ceremony there each year.   

      The Park and Museum at the Copper Culture site near Oconto are cut off by a new bypass being built around Oconto on the main highway.   
      It is an interesting stop with a lot of new exhibits that make me want to go back and see it the next time I am up that way.  

      Ancient Earthworks Preservation
      Art Educators of Iowa

      On May 23, 2009, at 12:57 PM, minnesotastan wrote:

      As Susan suggested in her post, I see no incentive at this time to move the AWS to another site or to significantly modify out current setup.  However, if you look at the bottom of the Home Page at the "message activity" chart, it's apparent that the traffic here is increasing substantially.  If the messaging gets to the point where there are several hundred per month (dozens per day) we may need to consider ways to keep ourselves from being overwhelmed by our own enthusiasm.

      One possibility would be to do as some professional societies do - create subgroups, or "special interest groups."  If a few topics garner a large (and/or vocal) following, they may want to put all their message threads in one place.  Perhaps we could have a Special Interest Group for Copper Culture, or forViking Heritage, or for Mounds and Earthworks, or for Burrows Cave 

      The easiest way to do that is to look at the top right of the AWS page, where there is a link that says Start a Group.  That's how I set up AWS years ago and I can guarantee it is as simple as pie.  Another resource is Blogger , which is the webhost I used to set up my own personal blog, TYWKIWDBI.   Again, it just takes maybe 10 minutes of clicking, and the site is ready to go.  With a blog - as opposed to a message board - one would set it up with as many "authors" as there are people interested in the topic.   And it's all free.  

      If anyone does start a subspecialty site, please post a message here, and a number of our  50+ members will probably migrate over and you'll have an instant group.

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