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Re: Burlington, Voree, Old Haunts, w/Frank Joseph & Peter Moon

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  • herbswoods
    I d like to attend this event. I know the Burlington area very well and researched Old Voree and Strang s 1840s Mormon colony there years ago. Stood in the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 21, 2009
      I'd like to attend this event. I know the Burlington area very well and researched Old Voree and Strang's 1840s Mormon colony there years ago. Stood in the very room where Strang died. I've also been reading Frank Joseph's 2 books on Wisconsin and he does present some striking notions. His work on Rock Lake, it's water monster, and possible underwater structures overlap with my own researches in northern Wisconsin on ancient copper mines, water serpents, and my 2007 discovery of an underwater "road" or "structure" which I took photos of.

      Back to Burlington and Old Voree. The Mormons still own land there including the "Hill of Promise" right above White River. Unfortunately, the last time I was there someone had run a hideous high-tech barbed wire fence thru it and were pasturing cattle in those woods which had degraded the place terribly. Before the fence it was very wild, natural, and beautiful up there on the Hill of Promise. The stone quarries are also interesting. I swam across White River and searched for the Mormon Temple site but found nothing but loose blocks of limestone where it should have been. Only a start on it was made in the 1840s and local farmers most likely took the stone after Strang left for Beaver Island. Same is true of the Tower on the Hill of Promise. No trace of that either that I could find.

      I know several excellent "haunted" spots in the Burlington area based on my own travels and seekings there in the 1970s when I fancied myself a searching young poet and mystic riding my motorcycle on moonlit nights. For some reason that area is highly charged with a power or feeling that I can't put into words. NW of Milwaukee is another such power spot. Those were good interesting rambles never to be forgotten.

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > RE: upcoming talks by Frank Joseph on 'the Egyptians, Vikings, Romans,
      > Christians, etc. in America before Columbus'
      > I don't know too much about Mary Sutherland and the Burlington group
      > other than people sending me articles and links to their web site. They
      > do considerable diffusionist research, seem to have strong LDS research
      > ties, but their main web site focuses mostly on UFO, Paranormal, and
      > Sci-Fi. But Frank Joseph who for years was editor of Ancient American
      > Magazine, has been involved with AAPS from the start, and will be
      > speaking next month in Burlington, WI on . Since I will be missing the
      > WEX conference, I may look to see where Burlington, WI and stop in for
      > Frank's talk and field trip:
      > Frank Joseph and Peter Moon in Burlington
      > * Added by Mary Sutherland
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/xn/detail/u_1m0lukhwem7cv>
      > Event Details
      > [http://api.ning.com/files/qxQGfCUwn6tFuV9f1xIQFzPEseZKcKHUiC1JjpsgVix1b\
      > zg3NXzPfERLPjd7IEr8vQbA3qab3RdeFbTY4vH6MW7hf9eZWfGK/bvcpetermoon_phixr.j\
      > pg?size=180&crop=1:1]
      > Time: June 21, 2009
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/events/event/listByDate?date=2009-06\
      > -21> to June 22, 2009
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/events/event/listByDate?date=2009-06\
      > -22>
      > Location: Sci Fi Cafe Burlington, WI
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/events/event/listByLocation?location\
      > =Sci+Fi+Cafe+Burlington%2C+WI>
      > Street: 532 N. Pine St.
      > City/Town: Burlington, WI 53105
      > Website or Map: http://www.burlingtonnews.n...
      > <http://www.burlingtonnews.net/burlingtonvortexconference>
      > Contact Info: 262-767-1116
      > Event Type: book
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/events/event/listByType?type=book> ,
      > signing
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/events/event/listByType?type=signing\
      > > , and
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/events/event/listByType?type=and> ,
      > workshops
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/events/event/listByType?type=worksho\
      > ps>
      > Organized By: Mary Sutherland
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/profile/MarySutherland>
      > Latest Activity: Apr 22
      > Event Description
      > Frank Joseph and Peter Moon in Burlington
      > June 21st and 22nd
      > These two days will be in two parts.
      > Mornings:Lectures and Book signings with Peter and Frank.
      > Peter Moon will be talking on the ancient mound builders conections to
      > Wisconsin and the Mormon 'mound hunters'.
      > Frank Joseph will be speaking on the Egyptians, Vikings, Romans,
      > Christians, etc. in America before Columbus.
      > Afternoons: Field Trips and Workshops. Join Peter Moon, Frank Joseph,
      > and Mary Sutherland as they take you to the sacred sites of Burlington.
      > Listen to them as they share their stories of the ancient mound
      > builders, the early Mormons of Burlington, and sacred Brass Plates of
      > Voree.
      > See through their experienced eyes and learn the proper archeological
      > methods of expediting a site.
      > These two days spent on site with Peter Moon, Frank Joseph and Mary
      > Sutherland will be an experience that you will never forget.
      > For more information on this special weekend contact:
      > Mary Sutherland
      > bsutherland@...
      > 262-767-1116
      > http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/xn/detail/2847799:Event:1422
      > <http://scificafecommunity.ning.com/xn/detail/2847799:Event:1422>
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