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Re: postage + Comalcalco-Fell + Paw Prints

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          Ted:   Thank you for the encouraging letter. Maybe my library will be combined with the present owner s library and soon pass to a suitable public
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2009
      Thank you for the encouraging letter. Maybe my library will be combined with the present owner's library and soon pass to a suitable public library. 
      At the "conference" in Quebec, Canada, I need to explain better: It was an Elderhostel function at a little hotel. There may have been thirty-plus people there for five or so days. We made various short tours around the area, and had several lectures each day, a subject was continued and developed day-by-day like at college. We even had two Ph.D retired professors and one of them used Fell's book, America B.C.  The other spoke about the history of language which supported the thesis of Barry Fell about pre-Columbian tourists to America;  many words in the Amerindian languages can be traced to those tourists.
      After returning home, I found America B. C. in my local library, then soon I had my own copy .... and other books on that subject. Then my phone calls To Fell, once or twice about the Las Lunas Decalogue Stone.. 
      In an earlier email I mentioned Fell and the dog paw prints in the clay bricks in his back yard. And, then yesterday I mentioned the video about the Roman style Talley-man marks found on clay bricks in Comalcalco, Mexico.  Today, it seems the paw prints and the Mexican marks discovery happened about the same time ... and the paw prints in his back yard gave him some particular joy ... and a reminder of the Mexican bricks. 
      I am rather certain those bricks in his yard were imported from Tijuana and the contractor was most apologetic and assured Fell the paw prints could be turned down and unseen. But not for Fell ... The prints gave him a lot joy ... even when he told me during one of our phone conversations.  He mentioned a dog could have strolled across those wet "Roman": bricks in Mexico just as it happened to the bricks in his back yard.  
      As for readers of this site, I believe Susan mentioned the number "50" shortly after I signed on.  We have to hand her a BIG BOUQUET  for pecking and pecking and pecking .... at us ... year after year ... to not let the fires die.

      Thank you Susan and all good friends,
      Cal  Traylor
      I hosted Russ Burrows famed as finder of Burrows Cave. We had about 100 people in the audience.  From all of these contacts, I learned there are more "enlightened" people than I had suspected ...
      From: Ted Sojka <tedsojka@...>
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      Date: Thursday, April 30, 2009, 9:41 PM

      Dear Cal,
      If there is anything I can do to help you recover any of the information lost
      to that fellow who pocketed your library, let me know.
      One life time is not enough to understand the puzzle we live in.    I hope the
      Buddhists are correct in their belief and that we have more than one try to
      understand it all.
      I am very glad to have met you on line and hope you keep sending us e mails.  I
      am not  sure of how many members there are in this group but I am glad the list
      seems to be growing.
      When I went to three University lists  that list anthropological theories and a
      list of theorists for each, alas there was no mention of Fell.  How sad for a
      fellow who devoted his life to learning and sharing.  The world seems to be full
      of niche markets and I am glad for that.   The other side of the coin is that
      many paths will never cross and that is unfortunate.
      The stories you share about Dr. Fell may be all some of us ever here, so please
      continue.  I have been wondering what he said at that conference in Canada that
      you attended with your wife, made your hand stand up?     :-)
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