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  • Martin Carriere
    The time frames of 1,000,000 plus years will be needed to diffuse the 30,000 event horizon theories common as modern points of reference for human evolutionary
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 29, 2009
      The time frames of 1,000,000 plus years will be needed to diffuse the 30,000 event horizon theories common as modern points of reference for human evolutionary enlightenment. The early stories have many stellar occurences back 200,000 years and more. Several family groups (including the Cherokees) talk of off world origins for people and the mapping and layout of the lands, as in the five nations original territories, designate south as the top of the world. Seen from outerspace the top of this spinning egg we live on is the south pole.Unless there were other means of knowing which way was up 100,000 years ago how did the so called unevolved indigenous mind know the true up and down of existence unless they had a bird's eye view of things from outer space?
      I am very much enjoying the mental reach and brilliance of the AWS and am glad to be part of the discussions when I find time and occasion.
      All the best to each of you and your families,
      Martin Carriere

      --- On Wed, 4/29/09, Chris Patenaude <yacrispyubetcha@...> wrote:
      From: Chris Patenaude <yacrispyubetcha@...>
      Subject: Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: PS additional note
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      Received: Wednesday, April 29, 2009, 9:34 PM

      Google: Electric Universe Theory
      Visit concepts already spoken of on this forum, works by Dr. A.Peratt, Thunder of the Gods video, etc etc.
      When these tremendous gamma-burst displays hit earth 30,000 yrs bp, humans were well into understanding symbology, on the cusp of realizing true script forms as linked to vocables, linked to Idea. The EM displays focused on the South Pole, not the North. The most brilliant firestorms occurred as  Aurora-Australis. For thousands of years after the Gamma Event blasted the atmosphere, residual lightstorms and effects lit up the Southern Skies. During Gaia's recovery, as She rebuilt her atmosphere from its ragged tatters, pillars of plasma-columns looped and presented different aspects, shapes, sounds even, but in eventually predictable ways. Hense the linking of sound to symbol was begun, not only because it was something seen in the sky, but because we are all MADE of the same stuff, plasma and EM forces. The same symbology rests behind our eyes in phosphene patterns, linking our very existance together as a part of the physical Universe.
      But because South was the focal point of all spiritualism, god-reference, cultural alignment for so many millennia, it became the 'natural' direction to consider "Up". It's where the Gods resided, that Southerly direction.

      --- On Mon, 4/20/09, Martin Carriere <metismartin@ yahoo.ca> wrote:

      From: Martin Carriere <metismartin@ yahoo.ca>
      Subject: Re: [ancient_waterways_ society] Re: PS additional note
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      Date: Monday, April 20, 2009, 4:03 PM

      Hi Rick and Ted and others,
      In many indigenous understandings of things the south is the orintation and considered up. Following modern research from outerspace the top of the earth in a spatial sense is south. The denser part of the earth and the heaviest is the north. Spins your head a bit but again Gulliver found many things in his travels.
      All our love,
      Martin Carriere and family

      --- On Mon, 4/20/09, Rick Osmon <ozman@rtccom. net> wrote:
      From: Rick Osmon <ozman@rtccom. net>
      Subject: [ancient_waterways_ society] Re: PS additional note
      To: ancient_waterways_ society@yahoogro ups.com
      Received: Monday, April 20, 2009, 3:43 PM


      First, congrats on finding the effigy mounds. Second, I have a question about the layout mirroring the night sky. Assuming that you laid out the site map according to convention and had north at the top, how was the map oriented when comparing it to the night sky? Was it right side up or upside down?


      --- In ancient_waterways_ society@yahoogro ups.com, Ted Sojka <tedsojka@.. .> wrote:
      > Regarding the mound group for you ancient waterway people.
      > The site I reported about is about ten miles from the Mississippi Rive
      > rand many more as the river bends up the Upper Iowa River. The River
      > goes back and forth through two states and four or more counties along
      > both borders. It has high cliffs which afford some protection from
      > the Winter North winds.
      > The effigy mound site was on a sand terrace created after the ice
      > ages. The edges of the terrace had been modified to announce to the
      > ancient canoeists moving up or down river that it was a good place to
      > camp and there was lots of provisions in the way of fish in game.
      > According to the Ho Chunk archeologist who made the survey of the
      > location for the State of Iowa Archeologist, these features were like
      > signs announcing a rest area along the interstate of those days.
      > Gas, Food, lodging to the people of about a thousand years ago.
      > These were an ancient race thought to be the forefathers of the Ioway
      > who had left the area about the time of the coming of the Europeans,
      > and moved West to the Missouri River near the SD and IA border.
      > They built a large town there. The first French said there were ten
      > thousand people there assembled doing trading between the rivers.
      > Beaver from the North and East, for buffalo robes and scapula hoes for
      > use in gardening.
      > There is evidence of this trade going on through the 1600's when a
      > Frenchmen name Nickolas Perrot built a post near Trempeleau WI, on the
      > Mississippi. Near where his fort was thought to be located a Jesuit
      > ring was found in a dig years ago which is evidence of the trade being
      > done. Headman got a silver alloy ring, the average man a lead bases
      > ring with an adjustable band that expanded like the cracker jack kind.
      > Most metal objects like kettles were broken and pounded into objects
      > of more use to the natives. There are lots of these objects in many
      > collections. It one of the things that helps identify a site as
      > before or after contact with Europeans.
      > Ted Sojka
      > Native Earthworks Preservation

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