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AAPS 5th Annual Conf. on Ancient America Sept 24-27, 2009 Marquette, MI

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  • Susan
    The Ancient Artifact Preservation Society (AAPS) is hosting two events this summer. (The July Symposium in the Keweenaw Peninsula is detailed inn the previous
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      The Ancient Artifact Preservation Society (AAPS) is hosting two events this summer.  (The July Symposium in the Keweenaw Peninsula is detailed inn the previous post.) 

      The 5th Annual Conference on Ancient America will be held September 24-27, 2009 again in Marquette, Michigan,  at the Holiday Inn.  You may keep track of both events via the web sites:  http://www.aaapf.org/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=40

      AAPS 5th Annual Conference on Ancient America
      Sept. 24-27, 2009
      Holiday Inn, Marquette Michigan
      (Registration info to come)

           With the overwhelmingly positive responses to our Questionnaire for this location and facility, we have secured these dates at Holiday Inn Marquette.  With this earlier date, we expect more agreeable weather, more colorful leaves on the trees, and opportunities for an excursion or two. Michigan schools will not be doing their MEAP testing, which should free up some teachers and students for the Paradigm Project, which we'd love to offer again.

           Already we have secured a speaker from among our attendees; William Morin, who came with Michael Busch from Sudbury, Canada. William spoke from the floor with an understanding of Native American interactions with visitors of ancient days. His knowledge of the ways and traditions of our First People of long ago and today, is only the beginning of what he can share with us. He is a multi-disciplined artist, poet, teacher, philosopher and more. His website is www.artofwillpower.ca  I'm sure we can count on the Pennington's for another fine film, and Dr. John White for more of his meticulously researched topics, and we want to be sure and see Jeff Bennett's Oceanic presentation in this time. We'd love to invite again: Sam Osmanagic, Michael Busch, Ida Jane Gallagher, Dean Liprini, Jay Wakefield (on Poverty Point,) and Fred Rydholm.….not to leave anyone out, but if you have presented before, and have new data/research we welcome you again.

          However, it would be good to bring a greater focus to COPPER as we strive to build that tremendous connection to all the world, as we move toward our greater goals of education, museum, and Copper Trail.               


       Suggested (by attendees `08) speakers for 2009

           Dr. James Scherz (who was there, but did not know for sure if he could make it to plan a speaking spot for him,)  Wayne May (who gave up his slot as he wanted to update us on Burrows/Embarrass Caves…but not much to report YET.)

            Some who have not spoken before: Gunnar Thompson, Gavin Menzies, Scott Monahan, Chief of Mi'Kmaq Grand Council of Quebec, Neil Steede, Peter Kettenborough and Dr. J Huston McCulloch. Some asked to re-invite Hugh Fox, (conf. 07) who has linked mid-east/South American in art and languages.

                                  Topics requested

      More details on the anomalous stone circles in Alger County MI near Forest Lake. (Judy has just built a powerpoint program on that.) Especially urged more speakers on UP Copper such as MTU geology and mineral museum, tourism and Keweenaw National Park rep., Copper Country area Historical Society leaders, and Oconto Copper Culture Museum (Mozette Bebow-Reinhard.)  

           We are still open to your ideas; speakers and exhibitors with subjects in the range of ancient American discovery, and its connections with ancient world travel/visitation to our shores. Please send us your ideas using the form in this newsletter. Call  Judy: Ph 906-942-7865. email: judyspapergoods@...



      M. Susan English
      AAPS-Rydholm Postcard for Float Copper & Keweenaw museum land:

      "The ancient scientific and spiritual wisdom that has shaped our past and still influences our future is part of a forgotten and often hidden system that reaches back beyond the current established religions, further than Ancient Egypt into an age where Mankind lived in harmony with Nature."

      Crichton Miller (UK) from his book The Golden Thread of Time

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